January 2, 2011

Easy (Rider) Like Sunday

Well hello there Audience. Happy New Year! What a way to start off 2011, I just returned from my Harley Adventure and Ham Picnic with Cotton from Jan's Funny Farm We hads a great time! Cotton had made the best case for her favorite Mancat and was therefore the winner of my contest. She won $20.00 of seed money to start up her very own Num-Num Fund and a motorcycle ride with me on the Harley. So, I had packed up my important stuff: my Harley Biker Dude cap, my Spiderman briefcase, my Blackberry and a can of Num-Nums (just in case of emergency) and headed South to pick up Miss Cotton for our Harley adventure and ham picnic. When I arrived at Cotton's home, she was ready and waiting curbside with her fancy helmet and...the ham of course. What follows is an excerpt from our adventure:

Cloon: Hello there Miss Cotton! That's a mighty fine helmet you got there!

Cotton: Well, thank you kindly. I'm rather proud of it.

Cloon: Is that a wee bit of a southern accent I detect ?

Cotton: It is indeed. Being from Georgia, I'm officially a "Southern Belle".

Cloon: Theese is most excellent! You'z the first Southern Belle I'z ever met. Wow, and you really outdid yourself on the ham, theese is very impressive!
Cotton: Yes, and I had to "protect" it as well because you know that I have some canines in my household...

Cloon: So how did you manage to pull that off?

Cotton: "Well, being the Elder of the Funny Farm I have trained all the newer members who have come along. When they're annoying, I raise my paw and yell, 'Stop!' "(Cotton's own words from her blog.) So, this came in handy when I was guarding the ham as well.

Cloon: Well done! Of course you also have "tortitude" and I hear that goes a long way too.

Cotton: Very true. I am a member of TATA (Tough A*s Torties Association).

Cloon: Well good on ya! Because you are also a lady and a Southern Belle, I thoughts I'd surprise you and takes you on a tour of the fancy plantation homes in the Louisiana countryside, have our ham picnic on the grounds, watch the sunset, then head to New Orleans to listen to some jazz. How does that sound?

Cotton: Oh, my! How exciting! It's a good thing I did get a good rest to take in all that action.

Cloon: And one more thing...You don't mind hangin' out with aliens do ya? My associate "The Baby" brought his buddy "ALF" along as a navigator.

Cotton: Oh dear. I've never met an alien before...but I guess it's all in the name of adventure!

Cloon: That's the spirit!



  1. We can't wait to find out how the adventure goes. Just take good care of our Cotton.

  2. Cloon, we'd go anywhere with you!

    XX The Lounge LadyCats

  3. Can't wait to hear your 2011 adventure !

  4. Wait...wha...what happened? We got sidetracked by the pic-sher of the ham...now there's kitty drool all over the keyboard...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  5. This should be a very exciting adventure.

  6. omg Alf! <3

    i'm sure this adventure's gonna be pretty wild. :)

  7. We thinks besides being a tough ass tortie Cotton is a Steel Magnolia. Your tour of Louisianan sounds pawsome. We thinks you should head over to Mississippi after your stop in New Orleans and visit the Beau Rivage, they has an all U can eat buffet and Beauvoir the last home of President Jefferson Davis.

  8. We are looking forward to reading
    the next instalments of the Clooney and Cotton adventure - it sounds exciting.

  9. Woohoo, what a fabulous time you both had! Pawsome!

  10. Oh my Cod...(drool)...look at all that ham!

    Cotton is a lucky girl to go on such a grand adventure with you, Cloon.

  11. Wow, you must've had fun on yours date.
    Lookit that ham.
    Love & Purrs,

  12. Yoo know, any adventure dat includes ham is a good one!

  13. Hi, Mr. Clooney! Oh Harley adventure with ham picnic sounds so much fun!! How cool you are to have Blackberry...I don't have it yet!
    Enjoy New Orleans, it is a nice place. So you listen to jazz? You are even cooler! I like jazz, too.
    Be safe and have fun!!


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