December 10, 2010

T.G.I.F...Thank God I'm Feline!

T.G.I.F. & T.G.I.F!

Cloon: Hello there Audience. Joining me in-studio today for a T.G.I.F. interview is none other than Secretary Neytiri. I thoughts the Audience might want to learn more about theese little lady...Welcome Neytiri!

Neytiri: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Cloon: Is that a wee bit of an "Elvis" accent I detect?

Neytiri: It most certainly is. I've decided to study acting in my spare time so I'm trying to master as many accents as possible.

Cloon: Excellent! So tell us how you came to have the unique name of Neytiri...

Neytiri: Our Human loved the film Avatar so much that she decided that her next female feline would be named "Neytiri" after the leading character in this film. And I happened to be the next female feline...

Cloon: Uh, but you don't has blue skin or hair...

Neytiri: Uh, but I do have blue eyes...and you said that if I decide to get "blue hair plugs" you can hook me up with someone you know...

Cloon: Very true. "The Baby" has an excellent plastic surgeon in Cabo San Lucas.

Neytiri: Yes, well I'm saving up my pennies just in case I decide to go that route...

Cloon: So tell us, do you have similar characteristics to "Neytiri" in Avatar?

Neytiri: Well you know how that theory goes...when you are named after someone you tend to take on similar characteristics. So, yes. I'm quite fearless just like the character in the movie. For example, I'm not at all scared of vacuum cleaners. In fact, I really like appliances and equipment that make loud noises. I come out to explore whenever something "noisy" is happening. Secondly, I'm a very good climber, I like to climb curtains and carpeted surfaces up as high as I can go. Thirdly, I'm also part of a clan just like the movie character, mine just happens to be the "Ragdoll Clan" and hers is the Na'vi Clan. And finally, my best friend is "Ducky" who happens to be from the bird family just as Neytiri's best friend is a bird-like creature (an Ikran) in the movie.

Cloon: Excellent. For those interested Audience members, we did a previous post on Avatar and a review of the film. Now, tell us about the above photo, what's going on there?

Neytiri: Well, I'm hanging out with my two carrots, which are also favorite toys of mine. One went missing and our Human looked all over the house and could not find it, so the second carrot came out from the "stash". After the fact, she finally found the first one which I had cleverly hidden in the pantry among various spices.

Cloon: Wow, that is very clever! Do you enjoy living at Headquarters?

Neytiri: I do indeed. You know we get really spoiled by our Human and all...And this is my very first Christmas, so I'm excited to see what "Clooney Claus" will bring me!

Cloon: Well there you have it folks... a bit more info about our "little lady".

In addition, something very exciting happened that we wants to share with our Audience...
Miss Kitty from "A Cats Golden Years" gave our blog a special award. You can read more about theese at Miss Kitty's blog: Here is our Award:

We'z very grateful to receive theese award and give our heartfelt thanks to Miss Kitty and her Dad. I'z prepared an Academy Awards acceptance speech, so get your popcorn and sit back felines as theese may take a while...
Just joshin' ya felines! (I'z going to save that for another time...) Even Miss Trovsky from the "Pink Nose Society" wants to takes theese award for herself because it is pink, but I told her that we all has to share it together...So, we're holding a celebration at Headquarters which will involve the Samba and mini mugs of ale to toast our "award"...
In closing I say, "Thank God I'm Feline!"...


  1. We sooo loved learning all about you!
    We think those blue hair plugs sound like a good idea! MOL!
    Concatulations on your much deserved award!!
    Love, Caren and Cody

  2. Congratulation for your award !!!!!!
    I'm so happy with you and your family : )

  3. Congratulations on your award. Pretty cool.

  4. Do you mean Thanks God it's Friday , by TGIF ? lol ! that's what we used to say in my office ! As you are a white cat, maybe you don't hear so well and that's why you like loud noises ?
    I have never seen Avatar, but at least now you have a very special name !

  5. Ahh Neytiri,

    Love your accent and your beautiful blue eyes.

    You are a stunner..."The Boys" told me so!

    And congratulations on your award; we've got the pop corn handy so any time you're ready to give us the speech, we'll be here.

  6. Clooney! Thanks for visiting us! We've never met a celebrity before. The gals are swooning!

    We're following you and we''l be back to see what you are up to...we like your Tunnel Tuesdays...they are FUN!

  7. Concatulations on your award, such a girly color and looks so good with your lovely blue eyes. I enjoyed your post. Mom likes that hunky George Clooney.

  8. Congratulations on the wonderful award!! I enjoyed the interview :-)
    I'd love to see Neytiri in a movie some day...with famous Mr. Clooney! And Neytiri, you are a very, very smart lady to hide a toy to get one more!
    I hope you will have a wonderful 1st Christmas! I'm sure Clooney Claus will bring you a wonderful present :-)


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