December 13, 2010

Psst...Pass The Blog Award On...Will Ya?

Hello Audience, for the past few days I'z been in my Secret Laboratory doing research on my fellow felines who has theese blogs on the interwebs. I'z been charting information, graphing it, applying algorithms etc. etc. and, finally, preparing a report on my findings for the appropriate felines to pass the "one lovely blog award" on to. As I posted a few days ago, my blog was given theese award by Miss Kitty from A Cats Golden Years. Theese blog is just fabulous folks. It has the most beautiful photography and Miss Kitty is a "stunning" subject. Please go have a visit there at:

Felines, do you knows that there is BIZILLIONS (rhymes with VSquillions, a little "inside" joke) of theese felines who has blogs on the interwebs? Isn't theese excellent felines? We'z all in a great position to takes over the interwebs, which of course is great news...My Human & I is just at the tip of the iceberg for discovering theese blogs, reading them and making new friends. Some of theese blogs that we have seen have excellent photography, funny photoshop pictures, heart-warming stories, sad stories, funny and cute stories, funny, cute and mischievous characters, beautiful website/blog design, some are very professional, some more grass-roots, some are newer, some have been in the blogosphere for a while...What they have in common is a love for their felines, other people's felines and felines in general. Just as I said there are theese bizillions of blogs, there should be bizillions of awards given out as well. That being said, I won't give out bizillions because it would take too long and I has Clooneymobiles to produce. So I decided to copy the others and give out 3 Blog Awards. Without further adieu...


3) "DAISY the CURLY CAT"...(ok, did I surprise anyone out there?) I'm sure theese ones have been given BIZILLIONS of awards, uh...because they deserve it! But they hasn't been given an award from me "George Clooney" yet, so I figures they needs another award. Seriously. Theese blog makes me and my Human smile each time we read it, it is so well-done, we are in awe of it really...and Daisy and Harley, I mean they takes the cake with cuteness. Here is their link:

2) "THE MONKEYS"... Now theese ones probably has MANY MANY awards as well, but everyone could always use another award, don't ya think? Especially from a celebrity... Anyways, we luvs the look of their blog including their blog banner and their daily photographs. We also enjoy their stories. And let's face it... they are all such cute "Floofmeisters". I thinks they collectively takes the category in "floof". Here is their link:


1) "GOROGORO & NIKONIKO"...Theese ones are a newer blog and I'z sure that they will be receiving Bizillions of awards in the future. Now I'z giving them the award because they looks like me and are my "evil twins". (Kidding! A little Cloon humor for ya there...) I mean I'z not kidding that they looks like me, because they do, but theese is not why I'z giving them the award. Theese ones are getting the award because honestly folks, they'z got it goin' on over there! They'z extremely clever and funny. They takes very cute photos and has cute stories and they knows how to photoshop, (ok...and they looks like me). Here is their link:

So there you have it folks, if you don't already frequent theese above blogs, stop by them and say hi, will ya?

Cloon saunters back to his Secret Research Laboratory to file his "findings"...


  1. Oh, Cloon, thanks so much for thinking of us for this award! We are so proud and happy!

  2. Thank you SO much for the award! We are very honored to be awarded with such amazing company!

  3. Concats on your award! Miss Kitty's blog is wonderful -- fabulous photography. We visit but don't always leave a comment -- it's hard to comment on every blog when you follow over 300. MOL!

  4. I know the three blogs you have chosen...oops I mean analyzed scientifically, and they are all wonderful and deserving :-)

  5. CONCATULATIONS to the winners!
    I already follow Daisy and The Monkeys...will have to check out the third one! :)

  6. Congrats on your award, Cloon!! And you've passed it on to some really great bloggers!

  7. Dear Clooney,

    Thank you for introducing us to three wonderful blogs and especially for keeping the spirit I started in keeping this award to three, rather than five or the original fifteen nominees.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont


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