November 30, 2010


Hello there Audience! Thanks for joining me for another "Tunnel Tuesday"...OK, theese one is excellent! I arrives at my "tunnel" early this morning...(It's just like Christmas morning, checking to see what "Clooney Claus" has left for ya in your stockin' and under your tree.)
and, lo and behold, there's CATNIP in my "tunnel". Now theese is not just ANY catnip, theese one is a good one! It is a "potent" blend, grown in Canada, it's KOOKY (like me) and it is endorsed by a feline who looks like me (in fact he might be another "twin" of mine). Now the best part of theese catnip is that it is stalkless, which means it is a finer blend and easier for us felines to eat because the sticks and stalks have been taken out. I says, "Sticks and stalks can breaks me bones, but "nip" can never hurt me"...Uh, that was a bit of my "beat poetry" folks!
Anyways, as you can see from the above photos, my Secretary Neytiri tried to muscle in on my "nip" territory and I wasn't appreciating it. I hads to give her a bit of a "love bite" to keeps her in check. I knows theese might be a "shocking revelation" to my public, but I don't likes to share...
In closing I says, "Without my catnip, mornings is impossible"...

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".


  1. Greetings Clooney and Neytiri,

    Cooney, I can understand not wanting to share but be nice to Neytiri.

    As for the tunnel, well dad brought one home for me a couple of weeks ago and I just refused playing with it. Nice to see your not too old to be enjoying it.

    Warmest regards,
    Ms K and Egmont

  2. Wow what a cool Tunnel Tuesday - finding nip is always so fun! And oh that does sound like some excellent nip you have - we had no idea about the stems and stalks! And we totally understand that you didn't want to share the nip - we never want to either!

    (ha - our word verification is jones - like we all have for nip - a nip jones!)

  3. Clooney Claus brings toys and treats and nip for your tunnel? Oh, wow...! We're jealous, Clooney, we admit it.

    We like nip but the mom doesn't let Nicki have much -- it makes him really mean, and all it takes is a whiff or two.

  4. Clooney, you are beyond gorgeous, Come snuggle with me. I am a very pretty lady Cat. I have a new cube to rest in!

  5. It is a very nice tunnel! "Clooney Claus" made me laugh :-) Does he come to my house too?
    By the way, you are really my boy's evil twin! Goro does not like to share, either!!

  6. We will take the snow any time, Clooney. Thanks for the visit.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. We gotta get us one of those tunnels! Thanks for coming by our commentathon!

  8. That tunnel is something else there, Clooney. Never saw one quite like that.

    The nip prize at the end is a nice addition.

  9. Hmmmmm....we went and checked our tunnel and there wasn't any catnip in there!! How'd you get some in yours?

  10. It's like lookin in tha mirror!
    ~Brutus Jr. aka BJ

  11. got Cody a tunnel once and he hated it! Should have given it to you! xoxo


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