November 6, 2010

Bedazzle Me!


Cloon: Hello Audience. Well our Employee Bootcamp has wrapped up this weekend at Headquarters. Secretary Neytiri has taken employee "Ducky" through the last component of "Bedazzling". So tell us how did the little guy do?

Neytiri: I'm so proud of him! "Ducky" is in the top percentile of our employees!
Cloon: Uh, we don't has that many "employees" here, doesn't that skew the results?
Neytiri: Uh, don't rain on our parade...give him some credit...he is a "cat toy" after all.
Cloon: Theese is a good point. Sorry about that! So what did "Ducky" bedazzle for his final assignment?

Neytiri: "Ducky" bedazzled a swimsuit for a lady's fitness competition. And he did a "purr-fect" job I might add. Everyone can see the results in the photos above.

Cloon: Wow, great job! What other things can customers have bedazzled?

Neytiri: Well, we also have something going called "Pimp My Suitcase" where we bedazzle rhinestones onto luggage and put fancy new little "mags" on, as well. Customers can read about all the details on a previous post of ours at .

Cloon: Well done Secretary Neytiri! So what is on the agenda for the rest of this weekend?

Neytiri: This afternoon we are having a little graduation ceremony whereby "Ducky" will be awarded the "Clooney Credit Canada Employee Bootcamp" certificate for completing this most stringent certification process.

Cloon: Excellent! Now in one of theese photos above, you have your paw raised above the "little guy". What is going on there?

Neytiri: I was about to "bat the little guy around" a bit. This Bootcamp has been a lot of hard work and a very serious process so I was going to lighten things up a little...

Cloon: Sounds good. Well there you have it's a wrap. Customers can now be assured that the services we provide are top-notch and our Employees have the best skills and training possible. Now that we're done with theese "serious" stuff, let's turn up the music and PAR-TAY!
Has a good one Felines!


  1. I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

    TGIF-Thank God I'm Feline-clever!

    Cloon, you do the man proud.


  2. That looks like my pal George the Duck!

  3. Neytiri, you are such a stunningly pretty kitty!

  4. Hi, Mr. Clooney. The "he is a cat toy after all" part made me laugh :-) You've done a lot of hard work. Have fun now!

  5. TGIF-Thank God I'm Feline :-) we like it!

  6. You are such a beautiful kittie. And I must say your toys look purrrfect for playing with.

  7. What fun Georgie!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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