September 10, 2010


Hello there Audience. I'z gots some exciting news! I'z become the official poster cat for the word "Seriously." Now in response to this, you might be sayin' "Seriously"...and I say in return "Seriously." We could go back and forth with this intellectual banter but let's save that for another time, shall we? I'z not joshin you Audience. Theese really happened. But wait...there's more...How many Grey's Anatomy fans do we have out there in the Audience? Can I see a show of hands please? Excellent, most excellent. All hands and paws, of course, are raised in-studio. Theese is because we all likes our Grey's Anatomy. The McDreamy's, the McSteamy's etc. etc. The producers decided to get their ratings up for theese new season, so every time one of the actors says the word "Seriously." in any of theese new episodes, my picture above is going to flash in the corner of the tv screen. That's right folks, you heard it here first. It's amazing that theese has been kept under wraps so far given the excellent detective work of the feline reporters at the "Feline Enquirer". However the security on the set has increased this year with Private Eye Von Ice being hired as the Head of Security. (They promised him some "lingerie footage" in the on-call rooms this season.) So you know what this means folks? An excellent topping up of the Num-Num Fund, that's what. Each time my picture flashes in response to the word "Seriously." I gets a can of num-nums. Theese is going to be a most lucrative venture. In addition, I shall be doing various media appearances across North America to unveil my official poster "Seriously." Watch for my giant poster in Times Square where, rumor has it, Mr. L and "The Baby" will be performing a few Elvis songs. "Seriously."

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