April 18, 2010


Cloon: Hello there Pierre! Ok, I'z besides myself with suspense, did the lorikeets sign on for my Australia Zoo in Canada?

Pierre: She be right mate.

Cloon: I needs an Aussie translator. Can you speak in Spanish instead?

Pierre: Si, senor.

Cloon: Does that mean you'll speak in Spanish or that the parrots signed on?

Pierre: Just messin' with ya man! I learned from the best...uh that would be you Cloon.

Cloon: I know...karma's a *@##**!!! I learned all about it from "Stan". So, did you get theese ones to sign the contract?

Pierre: Oui, oui monsieur.

Cloon: Theese is excellent, most excellent. Did you give yourself a raise yet?

Pierre: Not yet, I'm still number crunching.

Cloon: How did you get the rainbow lorikeets to agree to leave such a warm climate for one that can be a bit frosty?

Pierre: Exactly. I told them that Canada can be a bit frosty.

Cloon: No seriously dude, how did you do it?

Pierre: Well, I said they would have unlimited bird seed, celebrity VIP status and of course season tickets to NHL hockey. It turns out they're all fans as well.

Cloon: It's a good thing I have "TIM" for connections.

Pierre: I think this is also going to involve a great deal of num-nums.

Cloon: That's what I'm afraid of. Well keep up the good work little buddy and have some Tim Tams on me, will ya?

Pierre: Seguro.

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