January 6, 2010

HAPPY "20-10"!!!


"Could've been the 'dirty martinis'

Might've been "The Baby's" tequila

Could've been the six or twelve mini mugs of ale

I don't know, but look at the mess I'm in

My head is like Pierre's football

I think I'm going to lie (here)

Tell me, me oh, me oh my

Wasn't that a party

Private Eye took a lampshade

Wore it like a hat

I saw someone under my kitchen table

Talkin' to "TIM" the Cat

They were talkin' about hockey

The Cat was talkin' back

Long about then every-thing went black

Wasn't that a party."

(Lyrics courtesy of my buddies The Irish Rovers and my Human, music courtesy of Mr. L and "The Baby")

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