December 15, 2009


Hello this is a public service announcement from me TIM, the Secretary and President of the Pink Nose Society. I'z organizing a winter carnival at the venue of Von Ice Enterprises (cuz we has a big backyard for festivities) for the most prestigious club around...the one and only "Pink Nose Society". And I'z the one and only "pink nose" that is a member of this club. Therefore, it is very exclusive. I am currently recruiting volunteers to help me with this special event. (Please submit a curriculum vitae highlighting proper credentials and relevant skills and experience.) The Winter Carnival is being held in the memory of "Girlfriend" past President of the PNS. All proceeds will go to the Pink Nose Society Birdwatching Fund. (I hopes to take another birdwatching trip in the upcoming spring.) Now for the details of the Winter Carnival...listen closely felines. This event is taking place on the Winter Solstice of Monday, December 21, 2009. It will begin sharply at 10:47 AM the exact time of the solstice. Felines please ensure that you form an orderly queue half an hour before the Festival begins. Entrance fee to the event is $49.

The itinerary is as follows: 10:17 AM - Orderly queue forms

10:30 AM - Entrance to event and ice breaker games

10:45 AM - All felines are served a hot toddy to toast in the Solstice

10:47 AM - Winter Solstice 2009 Toast and Cheers

11:00 AM - Special Guest Musician

11:30 AM - Snow Angels, Snowman Building Contest, Birdwatching

12:00 PM - Live JumboTron presentation of the 5th Annual Cat Toy
Awareness March

12:30 PM - Weenie and Marshmallow Roast

1:00 PM - Pro Bono Seminar by Cloon

2:00 PM - Moonwalk lessons by TIM

2:30 PM - Backyard Sleigh Rides (courtesy of Mr. L)

3:00 PM - Picture with Santa (also courtesy of Mr. L)

3:30 PM - Snack (Cloon's famous catnip brownies)

3:45 PM - Elvis Voice Coaching Lessons (courtesy of "The Baby")

4:00 PM - Event Wrap-up and Evaluation Survey

Felines avoid disappointment...purchase tickets early... this will be a sell-out event.

Call 1-800-PNK-NOSE...Lines are now open...

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