April 4, 2009

Well I finally makes it to Albuquerque after that big snow storm in Denver. And who greets me at the Sunport but "The Baby" and "ALF". "ALF" is famous, so we ends up with double the paparazzi than usual. Half is there for me, half for "ALF". We does some photo ops and autographs and then hits Route 66 with the hog. We makes it to Santa Fe and heads straight for Maria's New Mexican Kitchen. Folks, let me tell you theese is a good one! Theese ones are famous for their Margaritas and homemade New Mexican cooking. Of course, "ALF" is well known in theese parts (and ahem I'm George Clooney) so we gets treated like royalty-they keeps the chips and salsa coming. "The Baby" and "'ALF" decides to have the green chile enchiladas and I order the chile rellenos. Theese ones are peppers stuffed with cheese and served with refried beans and rice. OMG! It's the best Mexican food any of us has ever had! Maria's has over 125 different kinds of Margaritas, they even wrote a book about them. "The Baby" decides to have one called "Born To Be Wild". Theese ones are very strong! I have decided to impose a grading system for restaurants I visit. It is as follows:
1) Moonwalk (theese one means it is pretty good)
2) Samba (theese one means "now we're talking", things are heating up a little)
3) Hey Macarena! Ay! (theese one is top honors, excellent!)
I have evaluated Maria's as "Hey Macarena! Ay!"
So, we hangs out at Maria's for the evening. I interview "ALF" about being an extraterrestrial, what it's like to live on another planet, drive a spaceship etc. etc. We plan our roadtrip for Route 66. But first, we will visit The Plaza in Santa Fe to buy some souvenirs.

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