April 7, 2009

So, Audience gather close around and listen to theese story. "The Baby" and I enjoyed the Cuban music on our night out. We goes back to our motel room and I tells "The Baby", "Lay back, relax, you did a excellent job as a driver and tour guide today. I'm going to take you through a Zen meditation of "Girlfriend's" and help you unwind and get a better sleep tonight. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine dancing Elvis's in your mind... Imagine what I say to you in Elvis's deep voice...Take another deep breath...Now I am going to count backwards from 10...When I reach 1 you will be fully relaxed and in a deep meditative state...10...9...very deep breath...8...7...very relaxed...6...very deep breath...5...very heavy eyelids...4...very deep breath...3...fully relaxed...2...1...deep meditative state. You will remain in this very deep meditative state for the next 12 hours. You will accompany me back to Canada without any trouble. You will donate to the Num-Num Fund and invest in a Clooneymobile...Just joshing with you man! You will remain in this meditative state until we board the airplane for Canada"...
Audience, then "The Baby" was out like a light, so I puts "The Baby" into my checked baggage and boards the aircraft home. When I goes to claim my baggage, there's a tag saying I has a profanity charge. They says something in my baggage was uttering profanities and making a ruckus. The hypnosis must have worn off a bit early. So I gets back to Headquarters and lets "The Baby" out of the suitcase. "The Baby" was very mad at me. "Girlfriend" quickly came to the rescue by whipping up some Huevos Rancheros and playing an Elvis record. This got "The Baby" into a good mood again. "Girlfriend" then comforts "The Baby" (see top photo). Then I takes some photo ops with my new fancy souvenir sombrero and my Route 66 snow globe and "The Baby" of course (see bottom photo). Then we signs the documentation for the official name change of "The Baby" to "Benny The Baby" and we does a special swearing-in of name change ceremony with in-studio guests as witnesses. Now "The Baby" (his nickname) is ready to be re-united with Mr. L. He is quite excited to see Mr. L as absence has made his heart grow fonder and he is anxious to start practising their Elvis impersonations to get ready for Vegas.

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