April 6, 2009


So, I goes to meet "The Baby's" new friend "Bear". Bear is a Biker, a Silversmith, a Western Stunt Entertainer and he also does Leatherwork. He's what you call a multi-talented individual. He has a workshop in downtown Santa Fe. So I says to myself, well if he's a Silversmith perhaps he can fix my Human's turquoise and silver bracelet which I brought with me on my trip just in case I met one of theese Silversmiths. My Human loves her bracelet but it got a crack in it so she couldn't wear it anymore. I knew I could score some major brownie points with her (which could result in extra num-nums) if I could surprise her and have her beloved bracelet fixed. And guess what? Because "Bear" is an expert Silversmith, he was able to repair it. And then to top it all off, he gives "The Baby" his own Harley. Can you believe it? We really struck the motherlode with theese one. "Bear" was very helpful, a good sport and a nice guy. We definitely will visit him again on our next trip through.
So, we gets on "The Baby's" new Harley and rides the High Road to Taos. We stop at the Santuario de Chimayo. It is a Church that has special dirt in its back room with healing powers for physical and spiritual ills. "The Baby" and I gathered up some dirt to take home and bought some trinkets in the gift shop which we blessed with holy water from the church. (I think I might be having a good influence on "The Baby". Maybe he will abandon his wild ways and see the light. Let's hope for the best folks.)
"The Baby" wanted to take me to Roswell to see the UFO's, but it's in the opposite direction. So, I convinced him to return to Santa Fe with me to listen to some Cuban music. I still have to have the "intervention" with him. But I wanted to have him in a good mood first. So I thought the roadtrip with his new hog would do the trick.
**I wonder if my book "Hypnosis for Dogs" applies to Dog Toys as well? Hmm. Let's hope so.

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