February 25, 2009

JUST IN FROM VON ICE ENTERPRISES... MR. L receives FedEx'd Ham Bone!
We are very pleased here at Clooney Credit Canada that the package has made its way to Mr. L and has been accepted in the spirit of friendship and hunger of course. I look forward to future collaborations with Mr. L now that this has been put behind us. It is very important that we spoil him at this time, given the heartbreak he has recently experienced with "The Baby" going on the run and leaving him. We will monitor his attachment to "The Ham Bone" and may have to have a Pet Psychology Session or Intervention with him if need be.

I will be selling tickets this week for a special event at Von Ice Enterprises. We will be watching Mr. L watch squirrels. That's right folks, you heard me right. A special few of you will be able to observe Mr L in his natural habitat and become the audience he so desperately needs. A squirrel sighting is a very exciting phenomenon. Squirrel watching is the new whale watching (trust me on theese one). There is limited space available so act quickly rather than face disappointment. I will be ushering ticket holders in (I'm available for autographs as well), seating them in front of the backyard window and serving them popcorn. Mr L and I will communicate by walkie-talkie and I will give appropriate updates to the audience by megaphone. People, don't let groundhogs get all the attention, spread some of it around to little squirrels as well. Also, come out and support Mr. L in his time of need. Let's keep his mind off "The Baby". You may also catch a glimpse of "The Ham Bone" in person.

Donate to the num-num fund within the next 3 days and receive 10% off the ticket price for"Watching Mr. L Watch Squirrels". Normally a $20 value.

Added bonus: a mystery guest will perform the "moonwalk" at intermission.

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