February 28, 2009


I really outdid myself theese time! I was able to get KFC delivered to my cat tunnel. How, you may ask? Felines, gather around and listen to my clever story. First of all, let me ask, how many of your Humans happen to be a Virgo Astrology sign? If they are, theese works better. As we know, Virgos notice the smallest of details and are worry warts. My human is a Virgo and she is very analytical as well, hence performing statistical reviews on the litterbox, charting it, graphing it, applying algorithms, you get the picture...Nothing gets past her. So, you see, I gets myself a little "irregular" ya know what I mean? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more...Ok, felines listen close. This "irregularity" seems to get you more tummy rubs and tummy massage, a second helping of num-nums per day, and ultimately... KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN!! You heard me right, felines. Isn't that fabulous! And I know we all likes our KFC...

Donate to the num-num fund in the next 24 hrs and I will give you the Colonel's top secret recipe of 11 Herbs & Spices. (I've been working day and night in my research laboratory and also testing recipes in my easy-bake oven. I do believe I have finally cracked the code for the secret ingredients...)

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