July 14, 2018

Caturday Celebrations With Clooney

Anybody out there?  It's me...The Cloon!  Long time no see!  I have a story to share with you all... 

Earlier this week, I was chillaxin' on the catio, minding my own beeswax when I caught wind of something...

Yep, a little birdie whispered in my ear some news that I took great offense to...

I heard that I had an appointment with the dentist and she was planning to steal one of my prized possessions...

This here sensational fang...

Can you believe it felines?  My left fang was about to be stolen!  

Realizing that my days of vampire impressions were about to be over, I decided to hire a photographer to capture some purrfessional photos of my prized fangs while I still had them...

While I spent the last few days being waited on hand and foot (or paw and paw) by my Human, My Human was also deep into planning a very special event for today.  She decided to throw me an elegant garden party to try to make up for having my toof stolen.  Today, I am spending my 12th Birthday in style...

Neytiri was busy making the centerpieces for the tables...

I was the official whippy cream tester...nothing like the "good stuff" to cure what ails ya! 

And once again, Neytiri put her Martha Stewart Baking Lessons to good use, making special desserts for the guests...

Neytiri was also in charge of the youngest of Clooney Claus's Deers, who has been hanging around Headquarters lately in training for next Catmas Eve...

The baby fawn was getting into position to direct traffic to Headquarters for my Birthday party...

This video shows the fawn in action...

And a purrfect ending to Caturday night with my own purrsonal fireworks show...

Yep, I think the Royal treatment is quite befitting to Yours truly, Mr. George Clooney!  What do you think, Audience?


  1. That's quite the fete! I hope all goes/went well with the dental!

  2. What a celebration ! We cross our paws and hope everything goes well with your dental ! Purrs

  3. Happy Birthday from all of us Clooney! Sorry about the fang pal, fangs for the memories!

  4. We're thrilled to see you!! What a fabulous celebration. We hope your dental goes well. Maybe you could put your toof under your pillow for the toof fairy?

    The Florida Furkids

  5. We are going to miss your vampire impressions. Hope everything goes well with everything. Maybe then can give you plenty of whipped cream after everything is over. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals

  6. Ahhh Cloon we are sorry you had to lose that glorious fang but the celebration afterwards was spectacular!

  7. CLOON! Happy #12! And, uh, Maxwell totally feels the fang pain (he only has one left!)

  8. Great to see your update, Mr. Clooney! I’m sorry you have to have your fang stolen. I hope dental goes well. I imagine your human is very nervous about it. Purrs to both of you.
    Happy 12th birthday! I love the pretty centerpieces Neytiri made. Whippy cream, yum :-) And the fireworks show is spectacular! Enjoy your birthday weekend :-)

  9. yoo r wun hansum dood. happy birthday

  10. Happy 12th birthday handsome boy! Email me your address to pilch92@aol.com and the tooth fairy will send you a gift. XO

  11. Oh Clooney! We’re sorry to hear about your fang. But at least you’ll have the other one.

  12. Happy Birthday 🎂🎁💝🎈my dear, sweet friend. Oh, how I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you and give you a great big kiss. I am blowing one 💋 to you now. I loved the videos of your deer friends. The fawn is so cute. I'm sorry to hear you are losing that very nice fang. Sending purrs and POTP and lots of love, Giulietta

  13. oh Clooney!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday! Your Mama looks sooooooooo beautiful!! I am so sorry you lost your fang but am happy you had a lovely celebration to make up for it! xoxo

  14. Happy birthday, dear Cloon! We love ya, buddy, and are sorry to hear about that fang of yours having to go. We purr all went well.

  15. losing teef is no fun, but you will feel better afterwards..

  16. Happy Birthday my dear pal! So glad you had such a swell pawty and thanks fur saving me a bit of that whippy creamy. You were one my furst bloggie pals and it is so good to pawty during OUR birthday month. My big day was the 15th when I turned 11. MeWow how time flies when you are having fun. Neytiri did a fine job of snoopervising those dear deers of Santa paws and the centerpieces were meowvelous as always. We all purr that the loss of that treasured toothie will be over and done and, whats that Buddy Budd? Yes MY dental is coming up soon, too soon.
    Anyhoo from all of us here at the Tomcat Home
    Happy 14th Birthday Friend Clooney. May the NumNums fall from the skies fur you dear pal
    Timmy and the Crew. Buddy Budd your twin (if 4 years older) too

  17. Sorry I'm late to your Birthday. I hope you had a great day. Sorry to hear about your fang being stolen. My left fang was stolen too, but it had to go because it was broken and couldn't be fixed. I don't miss it. I hope you don't miss yours.

  18. Belated Happy Birthday! Sorry you had to lose the fang though.


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