February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day With Stan The World's Smallest Sheep

Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our 7th Annual Groundhog Day Report with Stan The World's Smallest Sheep!  Wait a minute...I hear some whistlin' in the distance...

Yep...just as I thought...it's  our own purrsonal Groundhog "Varmit the BC Marmot"...He came out of hibernation for 5 minutes to give his report...

What say you, Varmit?  Hmm, I think I may just be getting a sense of his prediction...

Oh yes, I am right on the money, Varmit DID NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring for British Columbians!  Woo hoo!  **cough, cough, Varmit has been bribed with Num-Nums for 5 years of early Spring predictions...is under contractual obligation and my purrsonal care to  ensure accurate yearly predictions. 

Now we are moving on location to Stan and his Annual Groundhog Day Report...Stan runs in some mighty fine intellectual circles and has been on the lookout for the latest and greatest Groundhog gossip... 

He has the handle on the latest inside scoops...

Our little buddy will spill the beans on Groundhog Day as soon as he is finished his tug-o-war for his favorite foliage...
Ok, we are ready in 1, 2, 3...

Cloon: Hola Stan!
Stan: Hola Amigo!

Cloon:  Now Stan, we are anxious to hear the scoop on all the famous Groundhogs and their predictions...

Stan:  Well, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil DID NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring!   Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam DID NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring for Eastern Canada.  Staten Island Chuck DID NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring! General Beauregard Lee in Atlanta DID NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring!  Ontario’s Wiarton Willie DID see his shadow and predicts 6 more weeks of winter...bummer for Ontario...he was the only Groundhog to predict more winter, better keep that little guy in protective custody! 

Cloon: Gracias, Stan!  Audience, Stan will be surrendering his post he held at Headquarters as our mascot this past year as the Chinese Year of the Sheep comes to an end next week.  We will miss our little buddy and are expecting a Monkey to move in just about any time now...things should be interesting!


  1. An early spring would be nice! It has been colder than normal down here in southern California and my human is about fed up with it.

  2. How great Varmit the Marmot predicted early spring! And it's based on his dedication to give accurate predictions, not by bribes at all :-) Stan is so adorable. I just love looking at him! He gave a great report, too. I'm glad Lee here in GA predicted early spring :-)

  3. dood & tiri....if ther waz gonna bee a ree port "live frum TT" de ground hog wooda been banished....furst de sun waz out at de same time him waz out....& him getted a lot oh boooz & hissez... sew him went BAK a sleep...onlee ta wakez up 7 hourz later ta pourin rain, noe shadow & cheerz frum de crowdz ! ♥♥♥♥ stan...ya hafta stop bye everee now & then just ta say ...baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... ♥♥♥

  4. I hope you get your early spring. I just want it to stop raining.

  5. Excellent report. I had forgotten about Stan.

  6. We've been having Spring all winter in the Detroit area.....strange days indeed! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. We hope that darn groundhog is right this year too!

  8. We would love an early spring...but we don't put much trust in a rodent. ;)

  9. We'd love an early spring! Of course, this has been a warm and wacky winter for us, so it would kind of be the same as what we've had in December and January. MOL!

  10. an early spring might be nice for you. we are looking forward to autumn, when it might be a bit cooler.

  11. an early spring might be nice for you. we are looking forward to autumn, when it might be a bit cooler.

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  13. Good luck on those predictions! We KNOW that Varmit and Stan would always give the right report!
    The Florida Furkids


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