December 23, 2015

Catmas Eve in Polaroid and Poem

It's Catmas Eve and the tunnel is rockin'

It's Mini-Cloon and Ducky hung in a stockin'

Hello Kitty comes bearing goodies...

Mousies and nip for all you foodies...

Taste tester's delight...

The stuff is outta sight!

Clooney Claus is rarin' to go...

Christmas lights are a-glow...

The deers are here...  

Delivery time is near!

Be on the look-out 
Ready to meow
For peacock feathers 
And a catnip mouse
A tap on your window
A sled on your lawn
Clooney Claus will be there 
Before the dawn...

Wishing you all Holiday Happiness and a very Merry Christmas!   Lots of love to you all!
Meow!  Meow!  Meow!


  1. Hope you do not mind we put your great card in our Snowy Slideshow posted today on our blog! You're about one minute into it! Those are cute pictures you posted today! Happy Holiday

  2. Merry Christmas pals. Love how your tunnel is decorated.

  3. We're waiting for you, Clooney Claus! Meowy Christmas Eve!

  4. Merry Merry Christmas!
    From all of us at ManxMnews
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Mr Jinx (Mom Debra)

  5. That was fun, fun, fun! Merry Christmas Eve sweet friends!

  6. Happy Christmas Eve! We'll be on the lookout for Clooney Claus!!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. We're waiting for you ! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Clooney Claus ! Purrs

  8. Meow Meow Clooney. You and Neytiri be lookin' gawjus. Merry Merry Christmas to you all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. I will be waiting! Don't forget my peacock feather. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Clooney, Neytiri and Mommy!
    Wes wanted to stops by and say
    Merry Christmas to all of yous! May your life be filled with the wonder and hope of Christmas all year!
    Love Nellie and Mommy

  11. Oh, Fiona would sure love to see Clooney Claws in person. It might perk her up a bit. The Christmas lights outside your windows are gorgeous as are the deer. Sending you all our very best wishes for a happy and blessed Christmas. Love and hugs, Mom Janet and Kitties Blue

  12. Merry Christmas, dear friends. We love you lots, and are so grateful for your friendship!

    Clooney Claws, we sure hope you stop by our house. :)


  13. Merry Christmas! We will be watching for you Clooney Clause :)

  14. Merry Christmas, Clooney, to you and Neytiri and the peeps! Thank you for your card! It brought big smiles :) xox

  15. Meow Merry Christmas to you Clooney, Miss Neytiri and your fameowly
    I hope you all have a fabulous time

  16. Love the poraloid photos and poems! Ducky and Mini-Cloon hanging in stockings are so cute! Looks like you had fun testing the mousies :-)
    We got your card yesterday! Thank you for such a beautiful card, we love it! Very Merry Christmas to you all. Meow and purr xoxo Goro & Niko, Tamago

  17. Woo hoo we found peacock feathers and nip mousies under tree! Thank you for coming to our home, Clooney Claus! We hope you enjoyed our catnip milk and cookies :-) Have a safe trip, Deere and Clooney Claus!

  18. Merry Christmas from Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula.

  19. That was AWESOME! Meowy Christmas to you all! Have a wonderful day!

  20. Hi guys, thanks for the Christmas wishes! It's been so long since we've visited, we hope all is well with all of you. We also hope you've been having a lovely holiday. :-)

    "Possibility" is a good word...our biped might just adopt it for 2016, actually. Trying to turn "impossible" into "possible." :-)

    Purrs from the boys, Light from the human. We can't remember if (a) you're on FB and (b) if we've "friended" you if you are. We've been on it less than 2 months, can't say we actually like it, but it's convenient. Anyway, we're under "Nicki Derry" if you are.

    Take care, all the best for the new year. :-)

  21. Merry Christmas from our house to yours,

    Cats of wildcat woods

  22. Oh, Clooney Claus! Thank you! I DID get those peacock feathers you promised! Merry Merry Christmas from La Condo Keisha to your abode.

  23. Clooney and Tiri, our thoughts went to you all today and here we are!! We loved your poem, but so sorry we missed Clooney Claus overnight. Next time, we'll leave nommies and nip for you!! Have a very happy New Year with many blessings, sweet friends. xx

    Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin, Bridgie and Mom Julie

  24. Merry Christmas Clooney and family! We're sending you every good wish for the New Year and lots of purrs and headbonks. Love your Christmas season banner - it is wonderful!

  25. Meowy Catmas from the Katnip Lounge! Clooney Claws, we just LOVED our gifts!

  26. Mowzers, Mister Claus! That's some real fascinating tunnel delivery stuffs! We hope you had a wonderful holiday!!

  27. You created a wonderful poloroid photo story. And you're looking quite handsome in your Christmas jacket & hat. I hope you had a merry Christmas.

  28. Loved "T'was the Night Before Christmas" Clooney and Neytiri style!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  29. happee bee lated Merry Christmas guys....this post rocks de houz !!!! we loves it ♥♥♥


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