February 2, 2015


Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our 6th Annual Groundhog Day Report with Stan Sagrado The World's Smallest Sheep!  Now before we get under way, we have a bit of business to attend to from yesterday...Super Bowl Sunday...

Neytiri was cheering for #TeamCat and Ducky, bless him, was on #TeamDuck...

Now we had to break it to the little guy that there was no #TeamDuck...

He then decided to root for the Seattle Seahawks to keep it in the fam...

We were getting ready to watch the Super Bowl when we heard this tap, tap, tapping at our front door...
We looked out to see Ducky's relatives on our front mat...
We couldn't believes it!  Aren't ducks supposed to be in Meh-he-Co at this time of the year?
Apparently, they had heard that some "birds" made it all the way to the football finals and decided they needed to watch the game...Since we happened to be having a snowstorm and this was their first experience with snow ever, they wanted inside pronto to warm up...
Anyhoo, we all settled in to watch the Super Bowl together but sadly our team the Seahawks did NOT win...Ducky's relatives were disappointed and dealt by eating copious amounts of popcorn and taking a dip in our swimming pool big bathtub...

Now on to the matter at paw...The Annual Groundhog Day Report with our buddy Stan...Stan is also braving the snow to bring us the most up-to-date information from all the professional Groundhogs out there...

Cloon: Hola Stan!
Stan: Hola Amigo!

Cloon: For those of the Audience who aren't familiar with Stan, his native language is Spanish.  Now Stan, we are anxious to hear the scoop on all the famous Groundhogs and their predictions...

Stan:  Well, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil DID see his shadow and predicts 6 more weeks of winter.  Ontario’s Wiarton Willie was woken from hibernation with lettuce this year and given cauliflower to appease the little guy, apparently he is usually grumpy when he gets woken up every year...at least he gets fresh fruits and veggies NOT dog food like Phil!  I think the fresh lettuce gave him a crisp state of mind and he did NOT see his shadow, thereby predicting an early Spring for Ontario!   Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam DID see his shadow and predicts more winter for Eastern Canada.  Staten Island Chuck did NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring! General Beauregard Lee in Atlanta did NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring!

Cloon:  Muchas gracias, Stan!  Stan will be spending time with us as our guest here at Headquarters drinking cerveza eating leaves and hanging out...

And last up is our own purrsonal Groundhog "Varmit the BC Marmot"...He came out of hibernation for 5 minutes to give his report...

Hmm, wait for it...I'm receiving some psychic vibes here...
I'm getting the sense of his prediction...

I predict he will say that British Columbians will have an early Spring! You can click here for the back story on theese one!

By Marmot, I'm right on theese one!  Varmit is doing the happy dance announcing that he did NOT see his shadow this morning and hence he predicts an early Spring for Western Canada!

Remember folks, a little alot of Num-Nums goes a long way!

So, Audience, did your local Groundhog do you right?


  1. We hope for our northern friends that the local Groundhogs did well for them this year.

  2. Awesome report, Stan! And duckies by your door! Squeeee! We're having the same winter as you guys and looks like we're heading for an early spring!

  3. this was hilarious! I wanted the Seahawks to win too, but after that stupid call, they didn't deserve to! To see what WE think of Groundhog's Day you have to see our post today! LOVED YOURS! xoxo

  4. Those ducks at your door are funny :)

  5. Seems like all da feathered burds didn't do to well in da football championships since da Oregon Quackers lost da college one too.

  6. We also wanted the Seahawks to win (we have lots and lots of relatives in Seattle). Oh well. Sadly, we heard that the Groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter - BOO!

    We feel kind of bad for those ducks. Will they be okay in the cold?

  7. Ducky, we think there should be a Team Duck too! But then again...maybe we need to read that football book for dummies too...;p We have never heard of ducklings being born in the winter. Or is that an old photo used for creative license?

    Spring will be here soon! Thanks Stan! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Our local groundhog predicted an early spring. In Vermont??? I think not MOL

  9. *raises paw* Uhm, about that Midwest Groundhog? Shadow or no? (PLEEEEZ say NO) MOL!!

  10. We don't have groundhogs... just raccoon. Do they count?

    Hey, Cloon, did you know that today is Marmot Day? We saw that and immediately thought of you!

  11. Ducky, please don't be disappointed....maybe there will be TeamDuck next year! And sorry Seahawks didn't win, but I hope you had fun watching the game!
    Thank you, Stan, for the report. I'm happy to see our local groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee predicted early spring. Yay! And glad Varmit predicts early spring for you, too :-)

  12. Me thinks that Groundhog Day is a … farce! Yes, this is February 2 and winter doesn’t end till the middle of March. Add it up. Also, with all the TV cameras and lights, of course they see their shadow. PS: the Easter Bunny ain’t real either. MOL!

  13. That darn groundhog! But we did like his movie!!!

  14. I don't think we have a groundhog or any other predictor around here but we sure hope for an early spring for you all and us too. We were hoping the Seahawks would win too. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. I don't think they bother with groundhogs here in southern California - our coldest part of winter is usually everyone else's spring!

  16. It looks like #TeamDuck was at your door ! Mum need that book, really ! Purrs

  17. We are for sure hoping for an early spring down here in the US, even if Mr. Groundhog doesn't agree. We are tired of the cold! Enjoy your time with all your visitors!!!

  18. guys....therez lotta oh de B werd used in thiz post....yur gonna get in trubull with de food serviss peepulz....♥♥♥♥♥ N stop by on thurzday... we haza eggz cloo sive with de rodent oh weatherz down heer...fill !!! ~~~

  19. We don't know if we have a local marmot that does predictions. We usually rely on that stupid Phil who would see his shadow at midnight on a totally moonless and starless night. Our winter has been cold, but we are lucky to have had only a couple of light snows so far. We sure hope we don't get more. Those leaves do look exactly like kitty faces. Very cool. G. and F send kisses to the big C. Love and hugs to all. Mom Karyn, Our mom will answer your e-mail tomorrow! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  20. Me=s sure glad your Marmot says spring is early, as my daddy sended mes a picture of the tree in the backyard - FULL of robins!

  21. We are in good old PA so our Phil is keeping the catweisers cold in our town for the next weeks. What can a cat do except go under the covers and keep warm as meow can be.
    Thanks fur a great report Clooney!


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