December 29, 2014



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  There waiting for me was two fortune cookies! Can you believe it felines?

Well this is very exciting!  I must choose my fortune wisely...
Yep, theese one smells like the one!

Now how does one get the wisdom outta this cookie?

I'll watch Neytiri and see if she figures it out...

Voila!  She is one smart "cookie"!  
Her fortune reads, "Good things will come to you in due time."
She reported that she is happy with this fortune-telling...

And mine says, "That special someone loves to see the light in your eyes."

Yep, I'm feelin' it!  Theese one is a good one...I knew I had the right cookie!

Now truth be told I happen to be a Mama's boy and she definitely sees the light in my eyes, but maybe just maybe this message pertains to some special Ladycats out there...a Mancat can dream can't he?

Join me next TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my tunnel.


  1. Did ya eat da cookies after? I woulda.

  2. Purrfect tunnel gift for the New Year!
    We kind of already miss the Advent Mittens, though.
    Have a great Tuesday, furriends.

  3. Pawsome fortunes for both of you!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Last time I opened a fortune cookie mine note said Inspected by No 42!

  5. What a fun! Each of you picked the purrfect cookie for you!
    Oh yes, your mom definitely sees bright lights in your eyes, and I bet you see in hers, too! Love your fangs in the last picture. Were you trying to eat the cookie? :-)

  6. Clooney my furend I have a feeling there are several Lady Cats with their eye on your fine fur. I think Neytiri's hit the mark too!

  7. We think your fortunes look very bright!!

  8. Neytiri, we think good things have already come to you! You have a wonderful, loving family...and you are gorjus! :) Clooney, Levon is also a Mama's boy so we understand purrfectly! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. dood & tiri !! hope ewe both hada veree merry Christmas; N heerz two a grate 2015~~ filled with happee nezz & for choon cookies look dee lish, we hope yur
    mom let ya have a wee itz time ta play de lot o ree.... with yur for choon ....for cloon ....numberz !! ♥♥

  10. Oh Clooney we see da light in yous eyes too. Weez fink yous a mighty handsum mancat. And what a gweat furtune yous boff got. Weez hope da new year bwings yous boff da bestest of everyfin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Those are definitely some good fortunes! We wonder what kind of fortunes we would get… Oh, and Neytiri - we love the gem charm on your collar in your header photo! Gorgeous! And Clooney - you are looking very dapper in your tuxedo! We wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

  12. Those are some great fortunes. Happy New Year.
    Sue B

  13. Great fortunes! Happy 2015 to you and your family!

  14. those are two PAWESOME fortunes!! Gotta smile with those!

  15. What great fortunes! Cloon, we think you have a lot of admirers around the internet who love to see the light in your eyes, too!

  16. You know two lady cats at our house see that light in your eyes: Misses Giulietta and Fiona, who you can visit on our WW post. Hugs & kisses from them. Happy New Year! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. Oh, Mr. Clooney! You got the girls here fighting to be the one that gets the best view of you and your eyes on the screen! That fortune definitely suits you. And Neytiri got a pawsome fortune too! And right here at the start of the new year! We got a feeling this 2015 is gonna be a good one for all of us. Much love and many hugs to you both and your Mom too.....well, and extra hug for your Mom too. Sneaky Pie is a big Momma's Boy too, so he wanted to be sure and get an extra hug in for your Mom.

  18. Cloon, buddy, sometimes those dreams turn into nightmares!! MOL Happy New Year to you and Neytiri and The peeps too x0x

  19. wooo-hooo noe THERE's a fortune, Cloon-man!!


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