September 22, 2014



 Well hello there felines.  Welcome to the first installment of our new Mini-Series "Tunnel Tuesday Tidbits"...

It's been awhile since my tunnel has been back home at Headquarters and we've seen all the characters that were involved in the Amazing Tunnel Chase...

So today, we are going to get tabs on those sneaky Marmots!

One day Neytiri was out on the patio overlooking the back garden, when all of a sudden she spotted something suspicious...

Baby Marmot was out sunning himself on the warm rock and taking in the view of the plants...

And then he sauntered over to the garden patch and low and behold, he managed to get under the wire cages and sit among the budding produce...

Well the little guy went to town and chowed down!  He ate everything in sight and then exited stage left by way of an underground hole giving him access underneath the wire cages...And then poof, in a flash he was gone...

We sent Mini-Cloon back to Marmotville to try to track down Baby Marmot to find out what the deal was...
Theese little guys must have a very guilty conscience about something...they are lookin' mighty sheepish, wouldn'tcha say?

Audience, remember last year when my tunnel grew a 14 pound zucchini in the back of Headquarters and won 1st prize for it at the County Fair?  Well as it turns out, the Marmots had also entered a
zucchini into the judging round and came in 2nd...they decided that this year they would do whatever it takes to win 1st prize, hence sending Baby Marmot over to Headquarters to eat all our plants...

Realizing a 1st Prize win was imminent, the Grand Poohbah was doing the happy dance!

Marmotville would take the win this year for the largest zucchini at the County Fair...

Join us next week felines for the next installment of  Tunnel Tuesday Tidbits.


  1. Those blasted marmots! We think you should sneak over to their garden and use it for a kitteh litter box. HahahaMeow!

  2. Those marmots are cheaters! That is so wrong!

  3. Sneaky marmots! They need to plant their own gardens.

  4. Wow that's sneaky but I have to say they are cute looking too.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I agree, those silly critters are not to be trusted!

  7. Those marmots will do *anything* to win. They are not even above corrupting their little ones!

  8. What a cheek!!! They need a bit of a lesson!! Agree with Angel Prancer Pie!! MOL

  9. Sneaky rotten cheating marmots! They need to be taught a lesson.

  10. OMC Clooney what a view yous hav. And what a yawd yous hav. Wow, weez almost speechless. Those marmots suwe will go to any lengffs to bug ya' won't they. Hope yous get 'em nex year at da county fair.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Your tunnel is a source of endless adventure! Those marmots just don't quit, do they? Sheesh. I hope they get sabotaged at the fair… they STOLE first place!!! Just terrible.

  12. Those marmots are quite sneaky, aren't they. And pretty good growers.

  13. Oh, my!! That Marmot managed to get into the garden? You better watch them closely so they don't steal your zucchini and claim it as their own at the fair. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Those marmots are so sneaky and blatant at the same time. And they stole the 1st prize too! Where and when will their devilry stop? Tell The Cloon that he should check out our WW post. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. Clooney, what kind of cages are those? Peep #1 has an old dog kennel cage she's usin' to grow me some nip - although FAILIN' MISERABLY - but those cages you have look much better. Much BIGGER! Imagine havin' somethin' like THAT filled with the nip. HEAVEN.


  16. Bad marmots!!!!!!
    Have a nice Wednesday!

  17. guys....

    theeze maramots sound az vizshuz az squirrel N az rood as de hare that bee in R nayborhood who has eated

    we haz heer bye declared ta call him... bass terd hare..

    hope yur purrsons hada nice vacationz time ~~

  18. Such Dastardly behavior of the big Marmot to teach a young one how to win with such underpawed tactics. Awful. Cant wait till next year you will show them Clooney!

  19. Sneaky cheating Marmots!! booo hisssss

    The Florida Furkids

  20. Oh no! Scandal behind the county fair zucchini contest!
    Those marmots need to learn a lesson. Gotta fight back!


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