July 8, 2014



Well hello there Audience.  When we last left off, we had completed the very last clue and "Detour" in The Amazing Tunnel Chase...

Taking some drastic measures to find my missing tunnel, I printed off a "Reward" poster and circulated it throughout the countryside...

As I waited at Headquarters for tips and info to flood in, I opened up the morning paper and was besides myself...

The headlines read "Magic Tunnel Spotted In Cabo"...
There was a photo of my tunnel whooping it up in Cabo San Lucas!  Can you believe it felines? 

Well Neytiri got her fur all ruffled up over theese one...

She decided to pull out all the stops, sending the "Duck Army" to Marmotville in search of Varmit The Marmot and some answers...

The "Duck Army" first spotted theese little fellows who looked awfully sheepish and guilty and would not divulge any info whatsoever...

But then they happened upon this little Marmot, who once bribed with some tasty sunflower seeds, decided to pull the plug on the whole operation...

He said that not only was Varmit The Marmot back at Marmotville, he was at the local watering hole this morning passing around some photos from Cabo...

Ducky and his army were shocked to see the photographic evidence of my tunnel in action...

And then, "it" happened...Varmit The Marmot appeared on the scene...

He whistled a song of surrender.  You see Audience, Varmit decided that he still wanted to keep his Groundhog job with us here at Headquarters...
If you recall, he struck a deal with me last Groundhog Day to be the official Groundhog of British Columbia and signed a 5 year contract wherein I'm going to give him a case of Num-Nums a year for the next 5 years to bribe him for early Spring predictions ensure accurate yearly predictions.  Because the Num-Nums his job was at stake, he decided to come clean...

Now listen closely felines...this is where the story gets real interesting...
After 105 things appearing in my tunnel...
And 22 special events at my tunnel...
My tunnel decided that it needed a real vacation, not one of theese "closed for construction" or "spring cleaning" dealies, but the real deal!  Having heard the marmots discuss their previous winter holidays in Meh-He-Co, my tunnel started to dream of little umbrella drinks, beaches and fun-in-the-sun...
Wanting to make my tunnel's dream vacay come true, Varmit then booked my tunnel a one-way ticket to Cabo and created a diversion, aka The Amazing Tunnel Chase...
Having the time of its life, my tunnel has taken up residence at the Cabo Wabo Cantina as evidenced by theese photos sent to Varmit...

Hmm, folks...
Do you think my tunnel will ever return?

**Editor's Note: Meanwhile, somewhere in the countyside, the goats saw Cloon's "Reward" poster and couldn't believe their eyes...

Having read the morning paper and having seen the "$1 Mil Reward", the goats did the only thing a goat could do...

They started "hoofin-it" in the direction of Meh-He-Co...

Join us next TUESDAY felines for our next installment of "Tunnel Chase Tuesday".


  1. MOL! I should have known it needed a vacation!

  2. Maybe it will so around the CB like the Captain America shirt! But visiting all the kitties might not be a relaxing vacation.

    We have a tunnel too, then someone bomited in it and like magic, no kitty used it anymore. MOL

  3. Oh my! The tunnel decided to take a vacation! So Varmit The Marmot helped tunnel to have fun in Cabo! That's kind of nice of him. But ONE-way ticket? He didn't plan well! I do hope the tunnel will come back! Though looks like it's having too much fun. The newspaper photo cracked me up by the way :-)
    Can't wait to the next episode!

  4. A vacation? My Dad wants to know what that word means!

  5. For Cod's sake. This is the 5th time we are trying to leave our comment.

    Our power supply is spotty since it's on a mobile generator. The power substation had a fire in the morning. I am going to send this comment before the power dies again. We typed out a comment with the phone and the phone SWALLOWED the comment. Talk about irritating!

  6. And now a quick one before the power goes. We hope tunnel has a nice vacation and comes home feeling refresh!

  7. dood...ground hog, marmot ore wood chuck, ya canna trust him, noe matter what heez callin hiz self....

    when ya say spring iz round de korner N 75 feetz oh snow falls after THAT state mint......


    18 cents anda sack oh friez say varmit HAZ de tunnel N will use it for eevil purpozes less ewe can get it bak

    plus like de goatz eated de rewards poster ♥

  8. of course your tunnel will return! How could there be a "Tunnel Tuesday" without it?

  9. We'll wager at sometime said Tunnel will want to make his return! We just know it!

  10. Well, sweet Clooney we gotta tell you...we are beginning to wonder if your tunnel will ever find its way back home. But with all you are doing surely someone will see it and contact you at some point. We sure hope they do we know you must miss your tunnel. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. OMC, Clooney, we're starting to think you may need to get a new tunnel. Or a new something. This one is really on the lam!

  12. We never know what to expect from this whacky tunnel chase. Will it come home, won't it? Will the goats come back once they've seen Me-He-Co and discovered those little umbrella drinks? What would goats do with $1,000,000 anyway...probably just eat it? XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Hope da tunnel returns from Me-he-ko!

  14. Wow, your tunnel is very well traveled! We wonder where this chase will take you next! We wish the goats the best of luck in Me-He-Co!

  15. MOL! The Tunnel better watch out for goats!

  16. To think that the tunnel has been there the whole time!

    We're anxious to see if the tunnel comes home. Keep us updated.

    Sending nosebumps from us to you!

  17. A vacation?? MOL Hope it comes back soon.

    Luv ya'


  18. Sounds like your tunnel is as guilty as Varmit. You need to have strong words with it when it returns.

  19. Mawahwhahwhhahawaaw you crack me up, your tunnel has gone on a hoilday MOL. Sorry we been away, just been busy and we love Caturday art :) xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. Well I have started to doubt that your tunnel will ever come back home to you :(
    If I where you I would have ordered a new one with your mom´s creditcard *mol*


  21. I always love your posts Clooney!! They are pawesome fun... and fabulous foto's as always!

    Happy Wednesday

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  22. I'm wowed by the great graphics you have created for your photos...looks like a lot of work, but very effective.


  23. Our vote is on the Kitty Duck Army to bring your tunnel to its senses and back home where it belongs! Purrs...

  24. This is so exciting! Clooney, if I see your tunnel, I'll let you know. I'll get inside and wait for you to come in, too. It'll be fun! And, you know, magical. - Crepes.

  25. Well, your tunnel *has* been working really hard, Cloon. And everybuddy needs a vacation. Come home soon, Tunnel!

  26. We think YOU'RE going to need a vacation after this tunnel chase!

    The Florida Furkids

  27. Tunnels are very sensitive souls. I think it deserves a vacation, Cloon!! MOL

  28. Holy CAT!!! ME-HE-CO???
    Are those goats related to ABBY goat??? The Thick Plottens!

  29. I think the magic tunnel just needs to live its life right now. Once it has collected enough experiences and memories, I'm sure it'll return to its loving home ;-)

  30. I completely understand the Tunnels need for a little break from all that magical Tunnel stuff but come-on! I would send a telegram that it is time to return or, hmm, there may be a New Magical Tunnel some coming Tuesday. Yep. And make Varmit cough up some Num-Nums too.

    Tunneless Timmy

  31. MOUSES! First you were chasin' varmits and now you're chasin' your tunnel! Sure do hope those goats can 'help' your tunnel to decide to come home.



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