June 30, 2014



Well hello there felines.  Before we get on with the Tunnel Chase, we are celebrating Canada Day here at Headquarters.  Happy Canada Day to all fellow Canucks out there!  Neytiri once again put her Martha Stewart Baking Lessons to the test and created a custom Canada Day mini-cupcake with the maple leaf sprinkled on top of the icing...

She presented it to Mini-Cloon for all of his hard work with The Amazing Tunnel Chase...But at the last minute, she decided to give it another go for quality control testing and started to chow down on Mini-Cloon's cupcake!  Don't worry folks, she did end up saving some for the little guy...

Anyhoo, when we last left off, Mini-Cloon had been given his next "Roadblock": Heigh-Ho, The Derry-O...The Farmer In The Dell...

Much to my relief, Mini-Cloon did not have to use a pitchfork and work the land but his next "Detour" was: Sell A Birdhouse or Tend The Ginormous Produce at The Kelowna Farmers' Market...

Well Mini-Cloon headed straight for the booth with the funky birdhouses (aren't they cool?) and did his best used car salescat pitch as folks wandered by...

He had a variety of inventory to work with as you can see in the photo above...

And then he happened upon this little birdhouse which was "For Rent"...You see Audience, I told Mini-Cloon that if he didn't find Varmit The Marmot and my tunnel pronto, he would be in the birdhouse in the doghouse and I guess he decided to start looking...

Sales is hard work!  So the little guy decided to order some homemade "Spuds" to get his energy back up for the next part of the "Detour"...

Here is Mini-Cloon "tending" the ginormous radishes...

and looking after the beautiful lettuce...

Having completed the "Detour" he headed back to Marmotville...

When Mini-Cloon got there he spotted the Grand Poobah of Marmotville who was bustin' a move!  He announced that not only did Mini-Cloon complete this "Detour" successfully, he passed the whole Amazing Tunnel Chase with flying colors!  And then the Grand Poobah announced something that was a big surprise!  We had completed the very last clue in The Amazing Tunnel Chase and there were no more "papers" from Varmit The Marmot to be found in Marmotville and he sent Mini-Cloon back to Headquarters ...

With no Varmit and no tunnel, I decided I needed to up the ante...
I returned to my Secret Research Laboratory and ran a new poster off my printing press...

Oh theese one is a good one!  Let's see who comes out of the woodwork on theese one, shall we?
Any takers?  Anyone out there now have any info on Varmit The Marmot or any knowledge as to the whereabouts of my missing tunnel?  Only time will tell, Audience...

Having circulated my new "Reward" posters all over the countryside...what's a guy to do?


Join us next TUESDAY felines for our next installment of "Tunnel Chase Tuesday".


  1. Well, that was a lot of work and travel for no tunnel! BTW, Happy Canada Day!

  2. OMC, still no tunnel? Happy Canada Day!

  3. That tunnel sure is an elusive thing!

    Happy Canada Day, sweet furriends!

  4. Aaaaaw Such fotos. Happy Canada Day, hope yous enjoy it.

    Luv ya'


  5. HAPPY Canada Day :)
    Thoose birdhouses sure is COOL !
    Sure hope your tunnel will show up soon or maybe not I enjoy Mini-Cloon´s Amazing tunnel chase a lot :)


  6. All those bird houses and no birdies? That's strange! You gotta find the tunnel!

    Happy Canada Day!

  7. i am starting to think that you tunnel is hiding from you Cloon, on purpose! Happy Canada Day gang!

  8. Happy Canada Day! Neytiri is so good at making treat. The maple leaf splinkles are so cute :-)
    The farmers' market looks such fun place! Look at those bird houses...they are so cool! I think that house for rent is the purrfect size for Mini-Cloon...hehehe.
    Oh that poster would attract many bounty hunters! I wonder what's gonna happen next!

  9. Jeez! All that running around and detours and roadblocks and still no tunnel or Varmit the Marmot!

    As the Chinese would say, you need to "jia yu" which translated, literally means "add oil" or to up the effort.

  10. Wow Mini-Cloon did a grand job and I am amazed that the grand Pooh Bah was so gracious, he is a marmot after all.
    Now where in goodness-catness is that tunnel Clooney my pal?

  11. Cloon do you think a brand new tunnel is in the works?

  12. dood....iz we havin a nite mare in da day time what with all de BURD homes on yur page......


    happee canada day two ewe both

    N werd on de streetz iz yur tunnel wuz last seen in.....


    heer comes another burd checkin out de houzez


  13. Varmit The Marmot is certainly giving Mini Cloon the runaround, but he is seeing lots of good sights on the way.
    Happy Canada Day to you and your family.

  14. Whew! You had me worried there. Sure am happy to hear that even with all that tunnel chasin' going on, you still took a moment to celebrate Canada Day.



  15. Wait, what? Mini Cloon took all those detours, and STILL don't have your Tunnel back? Ai yi yi.

    Happy Canada Day, sweet friends!

  16. HAPPY HAPPY CANADA DAY to our most special friends!! Love the "Keep Calm and Clooney On!!"

  17. Where could the tunnel be?!? Good luck, Clooney. You are making such a valiant effort at finding that tunnel - you will find it one day! Happy Canada Day!

  18. Happy Canada Day! Does everyone eat delicious cupcakes on Canada Day?

  19. All that hard work by mini Cloon and still no tunnel? That's amazing. Is there any chance that poster will do the trick? We think if Clooney has that much money lying around that he should buy a new and improved tunnel. Just saying! Happy Canada Day. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  20. That marmot is still leaving Mini Cloon all over the place? We hope he finds the tunnel again soon! Happy Canada Day to both of you (and your Mom, too!)

  21. Happy Canada Day friends!!!! What great birdhouses, I hope you brought one home. Fingers crossed you find the tunnel soon :-)

  22. Whew....that tunnel is sure hard to find!

    The Florida Furkids

  23. well, just as long as the human antes up for the reward dough, right cloon? MOL! 9and now our mom wants a SPUD STICK!)

  24. Who would want your tunnel cos it only has magical powers for you? Think, cloon.


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