June 23, 2014



 Well hello there felines.  When we last left off, Mini-Cloon had been given his next "Roadblock": Are You Ready To Sparkle?  Now, some of you thought it may involve our friend and famous cat "Sparkle" who incidentally is celebrating her Birthday and Cat World Domination Day today, but alas it does not...

Mini-Cloon headed to Sparkling Hill Resort to find his next clue...

The resort, which is famous for being infused with Swarovski crystals, is in the countryside on a hill where it is so peaceful, quiet and relaxing...

When Mini-Cloon entered the resort, the front desk handed him his next clue saying that a mysterious marmot had carried it in and then sped off, running for the hills!  (Oh that Varmit, he is always a step ahead of us!)

"Detour": Count The Swarovski Crystals or Partake In A Spa Treatment at Sparkling Hill Resort...

Mini-Cloon couldn't believe his luck!  He thought he was just about to be pampered and treated like royalty...In fact, we often wonder if my Human Double George Clooney took a side-trip to this very spa last summer when he was filming a movie in a near-by community?  It's very possible as many folks fly in by helicopter to stay at this world-famous resort and spa...But I digress, back to Mini-Cloon...
Mini-Cloon started to dream of a relaxing paw massage when a staff member came over and asked him to kindly leave the premises...

Whoa, time out...time out!  That Varmit The Marmot is a rascal, he knew that Mini-Cloon wouldn't be able to "Partake In A Spa Treatment" because he has "fur" and isn't allowed inside the spa and he doesn't meet their "height" requirements to boot...

That Varmit is crafty...he is setting us up to count ALL the Swarovski crystals at Sparkling Hill Resort!  Can you believe theese one, Audience?  (Uh, you might want to pull up a lawn chair because you may be here awhile!)

With his dreams of a massage thrown out the window, Mini-Cloon headed to the gift shop to start counting the crystals there in this crystal column...

Wait for it...
Wait for it...
He counted 20,000 crystals!

Oh well, what do you know...there's a sign here telling folks the exact number of crystals in the column!  Purrhaps, just purrhaps, Mini-Cloon may have had a peek at it...(Heh, heh, don't tell the marmots!) 

He then exited the gift shop and headed out to the restaurant area to count the crystals there...

He decided to get a closer view...

An even closer view...

And a real close-up view of the crystals...

Totally pooped-out from counting, he sat by the fireplace and had a gander out the window...

This was his view of what he saw...The money shot of Lake Okanagan...

He proceed outside for some fresh air...

And perched himself on the railing...

He took another photo with his clue just before it blew away and flew down the mountain (not kidding!)...

My Human was "sweatin' bullets" as Mini-Cloon almost bit the biscuit and went down the mountain himself (also, not kidding!)...Audience, can you believes what a chance my Human took with Mini-Cloon, dangling him precariously on edge like this?  Good thing, my boy is an adrenaline junkie and he actually got all revved-up to finish counting the crystals in the resort!

He went in to the lobby and started to gaze at the massive crystal fixture...

He went closer for a better look...

And then right under to finish his count...

Satisfied that he had finished his "Detour", he exited stage left...

Walking by theese lilacs, he spotted a beautiful butterfly...

He got a close-up of it...

And watched it fly to another lilac...

Mini-Cloon then decided to take a rest in the lilac bush himself after counting all theese crystals...

He thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful smell of the lilacs which are my Human's favorite flower...

He got real zen and tallied up his final count of the Swarovski crystals at Sparkling Hill Resort...

He said he counted a squillion crystals!

The marmots at Marmotville said that theese one was incorrect and that he would have to start over!

Then he really pulled it together and with his big smile above announced that there were 3.5 Million Swarovski crystals at Sparkling Hill Resort!

The marmots then formed a heart-shaped marmot giving Mini-Cloon the signal that he had completed his "Detour" successfully and his answer was correct!

 (Uh, Audience, I think Mini-Cloon may have peeked at the resort's website to come up with his final answer, heh, heh...don't tell the marmots!)

Mini-Cloon was then awarded his next clue: "Roadblock": Heigh-Ho, The Derry-O...The Farmer In The Dell
Oh. Oh.  The thought of Mini-Cloon on a farm with a pitchfork worries me a bit...yikes!

Join us next TUESDAY felines for the next installment of our new series "Tunnel Chase Tuesday" and for the next clues in "The Amazing Tunnel Chase".


  1. Glad Mini-Cloon don't have no suicidal tendencies, dangling on edges like dat.

  2. Wow, that was quite a detour! Maybe I should hold next year's Cat World Domination Day there!

  3. ai yi yi! MC needs to invest in some double-sided tape...

  4. That was a beautiful detour! We never knew such a sparkling place existed!

    We are really glad you didn't go over the edge of the balcony, Cloon. Tell the Mommy to be extra careful next time!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics with us.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. That was a close call.....we would be very sad if Mini-Cloon had gone over the edge!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Whew! That was a close call for Mini Cloon! Those crystals are beautiful.

  7. Golly. That was a really close call that Mini-Cloon didn't tumble off the railing into the unknown! Well, probably not really the unknown...

    Good job *counting* all those crystals! Our heads are still spinning from just looking at the crystals!

  8. Wooow what a gorgeous resort! I've never heard of Sparkling Hill Resort before, but now I want to visit there!
    Mini-Cloon sitting on the railing scared me a little bit. Glad he was not blown away :-) The view sure is spectacular! And those lilac blooms are beautiful. Really gorgeous resort with beautiful crystals and nature...this was really great detour! Looking forward to the next stop!

  9. everee one shuld bee a bit woor reed what with min cloon all most takin a tumblez..

    if him iz gonna haza... pitch fork....marmittz...bee ware :) !!

    dood...iz ya gonna go see nicki & derry ♥ ??? !!!

  10. What a beautiful place! Wonder whose job it is to dust all those squillions of crystals.

  11. Oh my Mini Cloon you have visited so many gorgeous places what an adventure this has turned out to be!

  12. Wow! What a lovely view from the Sparkling resort. Sounds like Mini Cloon nearly got a closer look than he wanted to.

  13. oh my 20,000 crystals!! So gorgeous! Mini Cloon had one heck of a great detour!

  14. OMC! We hafta take a nap now! It was beautiful but exhausting!

  15. We sure hope that Mom Caryn got to have one of those spa treatments. The photos were absolutely breathtaking. Mom says she had never heard of this place before, but now thinks she must add it to her must visit list. Can't wait to see what next Tuesday holds in store for Mini-Cloon. Sure glad he was not lost. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  16. What a gorgeous resort! We would have understood if Mini-Cloon had gotten distracted by all of the crystals, but leave it to him to stay on task and stay after those Marmots!

  17. Wow, what a stunning spot! You lost our human with those shots of the view. And she wouldn't want to dust the crystals either. :-P

    Thanks for stopping by to wish Derry a happy bday! :-)

  18. Well... if he did look up the total number of crystals instead of actually countin' them, he was just bein' smart. Why count 'em if the answer is right there in black and white? Cats are way too smart for that.


  19. That was a beautiful, sparkly detour for Mini Cloon. Thank COD he didn't fall off that railing!

  20. Dang, everything is so pretty I forgot what I we were looking for MOL!

  21. What an adventure! Such a beautiful place! Good luck on your mission, Mini-Cloon!

  22. A heart-shaped marmot!!! Clooney, we think it's stupid they wouldn't let you into the spa. So unfair. Fur is beautiful!!!! - Crepes.

  23. Mr. Clooney, next stop can be marshmallow farm? I just read about marshmallow harvest in Okanagan at Muddy Boot Dreams blog!

  24. That's some situation Clooney has gotten himself into. Terrific photos, too.

    Thank you for stopping by Kittens n Things and for your purrs and head butts at the loss of our beloved Jonny.

  25. Wow!!! What a totally pawesomely sparkling post, my P.A. loves twinkly things and now she wants to go there...

    Great post with fab pics, as always and Mini Cloon did a really grand job!!

    Happy Friday my furriend

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  26. What a grand detour and some cool counting of very cool crystals, but, I sure do wish mini-cloon could have gotten his Spa treatment. Then again I am SO HAPPY that he did not take the big fall. Maybe a thought to Mum to keep him a wee bit back from the edge
    Cannot wait till next weeks thrilling installment

  27. HAH! As soon as I saw “count the crystals” I knew you could find it online. Beautiful photos.

  28. My mom-person would LOVE to visit Sparkling Hill Resort !



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