May 16, 2014



Well hello there felines.  When we left off last time, Mini-Cloon was about to embark on "The Amazing Tunnel Chase" in hot pursuit of Varmit The Marmot...The first clue was to make his way to his first Pit Stop in Vegas...

 Mini-Cloon arrived on the scene at BlogPaws and had a mini red velvet cupcake to power-up...

He met up with the lovely Plush Ashton from Sometimes Cats Herd You and enlisted her help to find Varmit The Marmot, but to no avail...

And then he spotted his first "Detour" clue in the lobby of the hotel...He was directed to the infamous Katnip Lounge and chauffeured there by none other than Lounge Daddy...

The "Detour" stated that he must "Hang Out On The Catio" with all the cool cats...

Above he is posing with KonaKitty who is all comfy-cozy in a heated cat bed...

And who do you think this tail belongs to?  It is none other than Maui....

And then I did a double-take!  Wow, theese guy looks exactly like me!  It is my twin Rupert...

He came down from on high to meet Mini-Cloon and allowed Mini-Cloon to complete his next "Detour" of "Meet One Of Cloon's Twins"...

Since Mini-Cloon is a high achiever, he ended up meeting my 2nd twin at Katnip Lounge as well!  The lovely Ladycat Miss Grayce gave Mini-Cloon some serious luvvins which was a highlight for him!

 And then Mini-Cloon posed with the lovely Cat Ladies who were attending BlogPaws and were invited to tour the catio at Katnip Lounge.  Uh, Mini-Cloon definitely likes the I said before, he is a chip off the ol' Cloon...

The lovely Miss Salem is posing in front of the group as well...

Thanks to Lounge Mommy who was super-sweet and such a great sport, Mini-Cloon went off in search of Johnny to complete the "Detour" of "Meet Cloon's Mancat Crush"...
Johnny was camping out with his famous entourage of CC and Scouty and gave Mini-Cloon the "backside" of disrespect!  Seriously, I don't blame the guy!

And then "it" happened...

Johnny made his appearance on the catio in the arms of Lounge Daddy!

You see Audience, this was a very big moment for us here at Headquarters as we all crush on Johnny and to meet him in purrson was a dream come true!  Yep, Johnny is my Mancat Crush and Mini-Cloon completed his "Detour" by posing with him in close proximity...

(A big thank you to Lounge Mommy & Daddy at Katnip Lounge for being so gracious and welcoming to us and inviting us into their home.  And a big shout-out to all the Katnip Lounge kitties for having us on their turf!)  

 Join us this coming TUESDAY felines for the next installment of our new series "Tunnel Chase Tuesday" and for the next clues in "The Amazing Tunnel Chase".


  1. It looks like you had as much fun at the Catio as my human did! BTW, my human really enjoyed meeting you and it was extra special, since she knew you had traveled from Canada to be there!

  2. Well now, that was lots of fun...but where is that darn tunnel? Guess not everything stays in Vegas!

  3. OMC !
    Haven´t you found that tunnel yet ??!!
    Looks like your human and Mini-Cloon had a great time at Blog Paws and at the Katnip Lounge :)


  4. We certainly enjoyed the detour! Way to go Mini Cloon!

  5. dood....well, de varmit marmot mite still bee on de loooze but it looks like yur mom & mini cloon hada way awesum time; soooper kewl ya getted ta tour de werld fame mouz catio N meet de lounge crew !!!!

    and in honor oh R pal Godzilla’s new movie debute two day….heerz ta a dragonfish kinda week oh end !!

  6. LOL @ Brian's comment re: not everything staying in Vegas. :-)

    We think Trish ought to sell tickets for Catio tours...could help with the vet bills for The Baby!

    Everyone had such a grand time at BlogPaws, it seems. Our human's a tiny (truly, just a tiny) bit jealous that your human got to meet so many wonderful bloggers. It was nice to see that a few Canadians managed to go, too!

  7. So Varmit The Marmot is still at large and mini Cloon deputised at the Catio in Vegas! I am thinking something dastardly is apaw!! MOL Glad your mom had a good time at Blogpaws, Cloon xox

  8. Rupert could be Clooney's clone. Are you home, Karyn, or posting from the road? Mom didn't get to go to the Lounge on Sunday as planned 'cause it turns out she was stung by a scorpion. The trip home was grueling to say the least and she has been laid-up pretty much since she got here. She says that meeting and hanging out with you was one of the highlights of BlogPaws for her. Have a furabulous weekend. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. Wow this is such a fantastic detour! Mini-Cloon and your human are so lucky to visit Katnip Lounge's Catio and meet the kitties and other blog friends! The photo of Mini-Cloon and Grayce is very sweet. Looks like a lot of luvvins were going on! What a lucky guy :-)
    I don't blame you for having mancat crush on Johnny...he is gorgeous!!
    I hope Mini-Cloon and your human have settled down by now from the trip. Have a great weekend :-)

  10. Gee, we're wondering where the heck that tunnel can be. We sure hope you find it soon! In the meantime, that was the best detour ever -- so many of our blogging friends, all in one place! :)

  11. Plush Ashton was so glad she could help Mini Cloon in his quest. And the head peep loved meeting your human, too. Like Sparkle said, both your human and Mini Cloon traveled a long, long way to BlogPaws, which made meeeing them that much more special.

  12. What a lot of fun mini-Cloon had! Did he get to meet up with Plush CK or was Plush CK too busy with one Wallas E. Katt?

  13. This is so exciting! Even though the Mommy went on part of the detour, she says it's so exciting to follow.

    Our Mommy enjoyed meeting your Mommy and had such a great time with her. She really hopes to see her in Nashville, Tennessee next year!


  14. Being Coco, the Couture Cat's personal assistant kept me busy at BlogPaws, so I missed the Catio Tunnel Tour...but looks like loads of fun!

  15. Oh Meweek what fun!!! Looks like yous enjoyed yous selff fuw suwe. Hope yous hav a Pawsum weekend!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥


  16. Looks like mini-Cloon had some fun in Vegas.

  17. cool that you got to visit the Katnip Lounge too. The mom was there and she said she enjoyed meeting you...and your human. She's wanted to meet your human for a long time, so it really was special that she got to do that. :)

  18. this was just too clever!!!! My Mom is so happy she got to meet your beautiful Mom Cloon!!!! Mom thinks she is the sweetest purrson ever! She thinks she has gorgeous hair too! Mom is sad that she missed the catio. Love, Cody

  19. How did I miss this awesome post? I posted my Katnip Lounge tour on Friday.

  20. Mowzers, you enlisted Plush Ashton to help you? And you had ALL the K.L. kittehs to assist too? Why you have a 5-star detective department on your paws there, mini-Cloon!

    HEYYYYY, waitaminnit. We recognize that human in that photo. Hey Mommy!

    We hear our mom had gazillions and TONS of fun meeting yours!!!!

  21. Wow what a great time good old Mini Cloon had at Blogpaws and over at the Katnip Lounge.
    Thanks fur sharing all the great info on you crush kitties

  22. you hang out with all the bestest people :)

  23. Looks like it was a great trip!!!!


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