April 30, 2014



 Well hello there felines.  So when we left off last week,
just as I was about to question "The Final 3 Unusual Suspects", the doorbell at Headquarters rang and two goats arrived on the scene.  They had wanted to join the (fake) Focus Group but alas it was too late for new Purr-ticipants...They said they was going to take a nap in the backyard of Headquarters before heading back to the countryside but then low and behold...they started to eat my landscaped Ogopogo!  So, I rushed out the door with a case of Num-Nums for them so they would stop!  It worked like a charm!   

Now back to the serious business at hand or should I say paw?  

  "The Final 3 Unusual Suspects":
The Woofie From Next Door

When questioned about his interest in the Easter Num-Nums display, the woofie admitted that he could not take his eyes off the stinky goodness as he has been on a strict diet for 6 months and is not allowed to eat Num-Nums! 

When further asked if he was anxious to get the Taste Test underway, he responded that he was only allowed to eat special rabbit-flavored food from the Vet and that when he saw the sign for the Focus Group he got so excited that he momentarily forgot about his strict regime in a moment of weakness...Hmm, Neytiri and I are discussing whether we believe theese guy and are studying his profile to see if he is pulling our paw...

Since my tunnel has NEVER produced rabbit-flavored Num-Nums or rabbit-flavored crunchy kibbles and the woofie is very dedicated to his diet and fitness plan, The Woofie From Next Door has now been cleared off the list of "Unusual Suspects"...

And Neytiri sent him off with a wave...

Now we are down to Varmit The Marmot and Clooney Claus's Deers as
"The Final 2 Unusual Suspects"
and we decided to sweeten the pot so-to-speak... 

Because my tunnel has produced an array of sweet goodies over the years, Neytiri and I have a further hunch that the Tunnel Thief has a sweet tooth.  This prompted us to serve the remaining "Final 2 Unusual Suspects" some goodies to try to get more information out of them.  

I remembered that Varmit The Marmot really likes sweet fruit as he and the rest of the marmots went crazy for cherries when they was doing my landscaping project...So I served up a plate full of sweet organic strawberries topped with homemade whippy cream...

Neytiri and Ducky baked Clooney Claus's Deers some special kitty cookies and meringue mousies as Neytiri had remembered that the deers really enjoyed her baking on a previous Christmas Eve...

Varmit The Marmot responded that he could not believe his luck!  First a Num-Nums Focus Group and then fresh fruit with whippy cream no less...He gobbled everything up toot sweet and asked when the Taste Test was going to get underway?

Hmm Audience, the guy seems just a little too eager, dontcha think?  

Clooney Claus's Deers took one look at the fancy plate of kitty cookies and meringue mousies and started to stamp their hooves in delight!  They licked the platter clean and asked Neytiri for MORE cookies...Can you believe theese guys, Audience?  

Neytiri went back to her kitchen and she gasped as she saw this on the counter:

Her cookies had been arranged into the word "TIM"...

and into the word "TOM"...

Audience, we believe that someone has left us an important clue as to the identity of the "Final Suspect" and the Tunnel Thief!

What do you think this means?

Join us next TUESDAY felines for our new series "Tunnel Chase Tuesday".


  1. Those are all shady characters. We wouldn't trust any of them, Cloon!

  2. All I know is that I want some of that whipped cream!


  3. LOL @ The Island Cats!

    Yes, the plot thickens...We'll tune in next week. :-D

  4. You should write a mystery novel about this ;-)

  5. Now down to two unusual suspects! Both of them look quite suspicious, but I still can't figure out who is responsible for the missing tunnel.
    Those mysterious cookie words must be the clue. So exciting! Looking forward to next week's post!

  6. Oh we love a page burner...we will tune in next week for the final installment! MOL

  7. guys....de dawg iz rood az a burd ona wire gettin reddy ta due his "thing" ...talk bout showin a butt oh dizz respect...... pro file ore knot he kneads ta arrested for harASS mint...

    de varmit iz givin ewe de stink eye N any stink eye comin frum any varmit izza sure sigh oh sum thin...make him step outta de vehickle N put hiz feetz on de hood

    de vizshuz deer look now even mor vizshuz N look like they iz reddy a take flite.....thatz a SURE sign oh guilt when a criminull wants ta run...look at de one standin...hiz name iz tim if ever we saw deer named tim sew de lazee one HAZ ta bee tom....


  8. Oh, the suspense is killing us! What the heck could those cookie clues mean???

  9. Good clue...right after the whipped cream!

  10. Hey, if we can have noms like that, we'll plead guilty! We sure are enjoying this mystery, but gosh, it's making us hungry too!
    (((hugs))) you guys!

  11. We are glad that we will soon know the answer to the tunnel mystery. Those strawberries and the cookies too look yummy. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Um... Er... Well... I... You... They...
    Gee Clooney this mysterious mystery sure seems diffurcat to solve.
    I am leaning towards the Vishus Deer fur sure.
    Yep! That's it! Sure is!

    Timmy Tomcat

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment and thinking about us through storm. Fortunately it passed without much impact in our area :-) I sure hope our friends were all safe, too.

    P.S. I still can't figure out what the cookie words mean!

  14. Mitmot? Timtom? We iz so confused our heads hurt!! Both the final two suspects like sweets so we are good with either one as being responsible for the disappearance of the Tunnel. Tunnel is no doubt being served some sweet desserts while in captivity! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. Mawahwhhhwhahha the plot thickens. Have a super weekend xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Hey, aren't Tim Tom those little guys with tablets for heads that can be flipped for different expressions. Can't wait to read next week's post. That is one cute marmot. We used to have one who lived under our driveway, but he had to move away when the humans got a new driveway . XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. TIMMY TOMCAT?!?!?! I would have never suspected him. I still think it’s the woofies or the little rat like guy.


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