April 22, 2014



 Well hello there felines.  So last week at the Num-Nums Taste Test, the "Inanimate Objects" were dropped from the suspect list in the case of my missing tunnel.  As it turns out, theese ones paid total attention to me as I discussed the rules and regulations of the (fake) Focus Group...their eyes did not wander to the fancy Easter Num-Nums display as in the case of the "Real McCoys".  The "Real McCoys" side of the room was real bad news as they was totally distracted by the display thus playing right into my paws regarding my theory of the Tunnel Thief Suspect being food-motivated...

 For Part 2 of the Num-Nums Taste Test, I decided to approach each one of the remaining "7 Unusual Suspects" one-on-one to get as accurate a "Mentalist" reading as possible...

"Unusual Suspect" #1 - Neytiri:

When questioned about her interest in the Easter Num-Nums display, Neytiri replied that she was actually "critiquing" the set-up as she saw a few dust bunnies lingering around it and thought it quite "unpurr-fessional" and amateurish..

She is the usual display-builder at Headquarters and is quite skilled and talented at this as the above picture demonstrates...

It was clear to me that Neytiri had no actual interest in the Num-Nums themselves as she is a kibble-head and she has been cleared off the list of  "Unusual Suspects". 

"Unusual Suspect" #2 - Stan The World's Smallest Sheep:

When questioned about his interest in the Easter Num-Nums display, Stan replied that the
nesting material looked very comfy-cozy and he was wondering where he could get some to soften the ground for his next nap...When further asked if he was anxious to get the Taste Test underway, he responded that he was a strict vegetarian who only ate leaves (washed down with a bit of cerveza)...

The above photo proves how serious Stan is about his leaves as he tries to steal them from other critters...Stan is now cleared off the list of "Unusual Suspects"...

"Unusual Suspect" #3 - Ducky's Relatives:

When questioned about their interest in the Easter Num-Nums display, Ducky's Relatives  replied that they found the "contents" of the Num-Nums deeply disturbing:

When further questioned about why they showed-up for the Focus Group, they stated that Ducky had invited them to go for a swim in the "big pool" as pictured below...

Ducky's Relatives have now been cleared off the list of "Unusual Suspects"...

"Unusual Suspect" #4 - My Long-Lost Cousin Cloonski Ogorki:

When questioned about his interest in the Easter Num-Nums display, Cloonski Ogorki replied that he had taken the red eye in all the way from Old Country and was shocked to see that his favorite Num-Nums were not part of the Taste Test...

When Cloonski had been invited to be part of a prior Num-Nums Taste Test Challenge (as in the above photo), Fancy Feast Turkey Num-Nums were featured and he only eats theese ones...

As my tunnel has NEVER produced Fancy Feast Turkey Num-Nums, my long-lost cousin Cloonski Ogorki has now been cleared off the list of "Unusual Suspects"...

 Thus leaving us with...

"The Final 3 Unusual Suspects":
 1) The Woofie From Next Door

2) Clooney Claus's Deers

3) Varmit The Marmot

Just as I was about to question "The Final 3 Unusual Suspects", the doorbell at Headquarters rang...

Two goats showed up for the (fake) Focus Group...They had travelled all the way from the countryside after seeing my poster advertising the Num-Nums Taste Test and had worked up quite an appetite...

I had to break the news to them that the Focus Group was now closed as we had reached the maximum number of Purr-ticipants.  They were very disappointed and asked if they could take a nap in the backyard of Headquarters before starting on their long journey back, to which of course I agreed. 

Then all of a sudden, I took a peek out the window and witnessed...

...the goats eating my Ogopogo that was landscaped for me last year by the Marmots!  Oy, yoy, yoy!  Excuse me Audience, I has to go put a stop to theese and I will see y'all next week as I deal with "The Final 3 Unusual Suspects"...

Join us next TUESDAY felines for our new series "Tunnel Chase Tuesday".


  1. Hmm, maybe it's the vishus deer. We've never seen deer, but we've heard bad things about them, in general. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

  2. If you ask me, that woofie has got guilt written all over his face.

  3. We have no idea who it is, and we can't wait to read more!

  4. *GASP!* Oh my CAT, what a suspicious lot of suspects and all! GOATS even! Wait...

  5. I do think the goats know something! Maybe they left you a clue!

  6. Never trust the vishus deers, Clooney. That's all we gots to say.

  7. I'm bettin on da woofie - one of mine always wants my num nums - but I don't share!

  8. Oh this is going to be a hard one with all those suspects. But what fun to figure all this out. We love that the goats got in on the act. Maybe Joe and Smoke took the tunnel because they wanted to use it to come see you.

  9. Hahaha, I can understand that Ducky's relatives thought the num-nums contents were disturbing. Too funny.
    Great interview and analysis on suspects, Mr. Clooney! Now down to only 3...but they look really "unusual" as suspects. I hope you take care of those naughty goats and get to question the remaining three!

  10. Cloony! So cool! Where did stan come from? I want a tiny sheep! I'll start my own (second) blog! Also, Cloonski Ogorski looks suspicious like you... anyway... I'm here for the Italian. Pronto? La prima parola e` 'Ciao.' That will be $5. - Crepes.

  11. dood...we toll ya de vizshuz deer wuz ta blame....take a look at de one in de far rite korner...if him iz knot a rudolph wanna bee....we dunno who iz...

    N de leed vizshuz deer THINKS him iz a blitzen...but guess again...

    come ta think of it...wearz comet & cupid N donner....

    oh, N tell de goats ta come bak...they make grate lawn mowers in de summer time :) ♥

  12. This is getting deeper and deeper super mysterious. Ummm who is it??

  13. Those goats sure were enjpying the "Wanted" add... and then the Ogopogo landscape! Heehee. And the woofie next door looks vaguely pathetic but largely not guilty on account of the glass door barrier...
    Gosh, we with thought Cousin Cloonski Ogorki would never be cleared! (only because we love to say Cousin Cloonski Ogorki!) The suspense grows...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. Can't wait to find out who the culprit is!

  15. We were sure it was Stan in the mask and so now we are stumped as to who the tunnel thief is, but are switching our hunch to the marmot. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giuletta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  16. We are thinking maybe you will have to find other unusual suspects because none of the remaining 3 look guilty to us. We will be anxious to see who it is. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Now we have NO idea who it could be. What a mystery!

  18. Mr. Clooney, your mystery is better than any Columbo, or any murder that lady Wrote about! When you get the culprit, Purry Mason won't be able to get them off!
    We like that Nessy kind of hedge. We got bunnies, squirrels and a raccoon that like to help out with the grounds keeping around here.
    Hugs to you guys!

  19. OMC so much happening on your blog... where to begin... fabulous pictures - goats, deer, small sheeps, marmots, doggies, duckies - wow what a posse!!

    Loving your 'Focus Group' sign too!

    Me and Smoochie think Cloonski's scarf photo is most fetching, all in all we have been delightfully entertained by your entire post, and we have one word, no actually two words for it:


    BTW It's Love Your Nose Day on our blog so if mew'd like to engage in some nose tickling come on over!

    Happy Friday

    Bestest Purrs

    Basil xox


  20. I still think it´s the Woffie from Next Door !!

  21. You have to beware those goats Clooney. Dad told us he had one living on the old homestead (there may have been pterodactyls to but I digress.)
    Anymeow those goats will eat anything they can get near. Are they as, um, fragrant, as our Dad says?
    Can't wait till you show who is the Num Num nabber!

  22. It’s always the woofie—except when its HHGutt.

  23. Who will it be?


    I've just gotta know. I'm a cat. Curiosity comes with the gig.



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