February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day With Stan The World's Smallest Sheep

Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our 5th Annual Groundhog Day Report with Stan Sagrado The World's Smallest Sheep!  We made sure to have a big supply of leaves on hand at Headquarters today in order to keep Stan happy and get the best information out of the little guy.

Cloon: Hola Stan!  Como estas?

Stan: Hola Muchacho!  Muy bien, gracias!

Cloon:  Stan we are all chomping at the bit, so to speak, for the report on what the Groundhogs said today!

Stan: Claro que si!  Well, early this morning before I did my Groundhog research on the interwebs...I went to my local "watering hole" to see if I could hear any good Groundhog gossip and get any inside scoops...

Stan:  Here I am trying to blend in and not look conspicuous...

Cloon:  Uh, I thinks you might have stood out a bit...clearly you're the only miniature "sheep" there...

Stan:  Then suddenly, I couldn't believe my ears!  Everyone was buzzing about the new Groundhog taking British Columbia by storm...

Cloon: Oh tell me more...

Stan:  Well this guy goes by the name "Varmit the BC Marmot" and he is the first representation Western Canada has ever had on the Groundhog scene.  And apparently he has been spreading the word that he has some very valuable information on Spring for British Columbians...but that it will cost us!

Cloon:  Wait a minute, I know Varmit the Marmot!  He lives in my backyard and he did "landscaping" for me last year.  Well, let's call the guy in here for a personalized Groundhog Day report, shall we?

Cloon: Varmit, we can't wait to hear the low-down on Spring!  What say you?

Varmit:  Like Stan said, my highly valuable information comes at a price...

Cloon: Ok, Neytiri is fishing out some yummy timbits for you!

Varmit:  I'm afraid that won't be sufficient...

Cloon:  Oy, yoy, yoy!  Talk about a high maintenance Marmot Groundhog!  Ok buddy, I've gone into my pantry and I have 5 cases of Num-Nums for ya...now I'm going to give you a case a year for the next 5 years to bribe you for early Spring predictions ensure accurate yearly predictions.  And please note that we will never feed you dog food as we think that interferes with 
Punxsutawney Phil's accuracy!  Only cat food will do...

Varmit:  It's a deal!  Ok, here's the goods...I did NOT see my shadow this morning and hence I predict an early Spring for Western Canada!

Cloon:  Woo hoo!  Thanks Varmit!  Now let's move on to all the famous Groundhogs and their predictions...

Stan:  Well, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow and predicts 6 more weeks of winter and apparently the little big guy has been taken into protective custody because of this!   
Ontario’s Wiarton Willie will be joining Phil in PC because he also saw his shadow and predicts 6 more weeks of winter!   Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam did NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring for Eastern Canada.    Staten Island Chuck in New York did see his shadow and predicts 6 more weeks of winter (they better make that PC location big!).  General Beauregard Lee in Atlanta did NOT see his shadow and predicts an early Spring.

Cloon:  Thank you so much Stan for all your info!  Stan will be spending the next few months drinking cerveza eating leaves at Headquarters and is available for Spanish lessons and as a date for the Valentine's Ball!

Now onto our Super Bowl activities...

Here is Neytiri limbering up with her "yogalates" in preparation for our Half-Time Show..

And here is me getting into character to prepare for the Show...

Audience, we are excited to announce the Directorial Debut of Stan The World's Smallest Sheep!  Stan has choreographed our Super Bowl number and directed the video of it...and remember folks, Stan's first language is Spanish so cut the little guy some slack, will ya?

Now presenting our Super Bowl Half-Time Show entitled:

"It's Noon Christmas Somewhere"

Enjoy the Super Bowl!


  1. Um, is it Christmas somewhere? We liked the video. Wow, can Neytiri dance.

    6 more weeks of winter for us.

  2. Now that was fun! But the groundhogs need to remin in their hidey holes!

  3. What fun! We want to know more about these Timbits. Should we be holding out for them as treats?

  4. If you're having an early spring...we're moving to western Canada!!

  5. Cloon, I want some of what you’ve been smoking cos it must be good. MOL! You do look adorable getting into character.

  6. MOL, love the miniature sheep - there are no words to describe the utter cuteness!!

    Great post as always and bi-lingual too, mew are furry smart :)

    Me and the P.A. really enjoyed it all - thanks fur being so pawesome!

    Bestest Monday purrs

    Basil xox

  7. Oh what a great report! Stan is so cute. And good job blending in (sort of, heh heh) the crowd and getting inside info! Varmit's prediction is pretty good. Though it may be because of some bribes. LOL.
    Yay for General Beauregard Lee for early spring prediction! (We live near Atlanta.)
    I'm looking forward to watching the half-time show. Now my computer is not cooperating but will check out later!

  8. thiz bee a grate ree port guys....

    we loved it !!

    N stan ... nosotros no atendemos en español, pero estamos de acuerdo con cloon, ya necesidad de mezclar en un poco más de tiempo weee nex!

    & phil iz gonna knead witness protection for hiz see cura tee guardz coz MOR snow bee on de way.....


  9. UMMMMM Wez frum over the pond , so now'z wez totally confused Bawahwhahhhahahah ..xxx00xxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Pe-ez..juzt saw a groundhog.. BOL six more weeks Urghhhh

  11. Cute video. Our local groundhog also saw his shadow.
    Sue B

  12. MOL, what are you cats drinking and is there any left? Loved your vid and Neytiri's yoga.

  13. MOL! Maxwell's afraid to try the yogalates moves, he thinks he might end up with the OTHER leg injured!

  14. Is there a book for Football Dummies too ??!!
    Sounds grreat , maybe I shall order it to next year :)
    Furry impressiv yogamove , Neytiri do !
    Feliz Navidad to you too ;-)


  15. MOL we are larfing our sox off here!!! That little sheep is the best thing ever!! Anglesey Arnold didn't see anything at all as he was under water!!! MOL xox

  16. We live in PA and Dad actually met Phil. That rodent! He should eat more cat food fur sure so we get better predictions
    Loved the half time show you two put on!
    Have fun on Valentines with Nellie!
    See you at the Queen of Hearts Dance my furend


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