January 14, 2014

Happy Ukrainian New Year

When we last left off, I was in full-on meerkat-marmot mode!  I couldn't believe my eyes! 

In walked my long-lost cousin Cloonski Ogorki!  Fresh off the red-eye from Old Country to celebrate Ukrainian New Year's with me and notably under the influence of...

...Potato Water!

One must stay hydrated on theese long-distance flights, don't ya know!  Now Cloonski's potato water is so famous that it was given the Sunshine Award by the kitties over at The Cat On My Head!
Apparently they tasted the stuff at a Wodka Tasting Event and have been converts ever since!  Mauricio even takes it with him on his Cat Scouts camping trips just in case they needs a bit of help to get the ol' campfire going...

Cloonski Ogorki was absolutely gobsmacked by the award and gives a huge thank you to all the kitties at The Cat On My Head!

In the spirit of the award, Cloonski will share 11 Tips For A Purrfect 2014:

1) Drink plenty of Potato Water.
2) Make sure the inventory level of the Num-Nums in your pantry is up-to-snuff.
3) If your Num-Nums inventory is low, send your Human out to the store, pronto!
4) Make sure you get your 15 hours of beauty rest daily.
5) Ensure daily exercise of crazy zoomies or Thundering Herd of Elephants!
6) Make sure your Human gives you chin scritches, brushies or tummy rubs (whichever you prefer) each day.  
7)  Ensure daily enrichment activities such as looking out windows or having your Human play wand toys or feathers with you. 
8) Snuggle up to your favorite kitty buddy or Human, love is good for the kitty soul.
9) Send out purrs and good vibes to kitties who are homeless or are in shelters awaiting their forever homes.  
10) Eat plenty of perogies!  
11) Drink plenty of Potato Water!

 Cloonski would now like to pass the Sunshine Award on to anyone who would like to have it and bear in mind that you will receive a free roll of kubasa (Ukrainian sausage) right along with it! 

Now remember folks, if you pro-cat-inated on your New Year's resolutions, you get to start all over today!
 Happy Ukrainian New Year!


  1. Wow! We celebrate Ukrainian Christmas, but not Ukrainian New Year! We is going to has to has a big pawty tomorrow night with lots of Ukrainian Garlic Ham Sausage and Perogies fried in butter with sour cream!

  2. Happy Ukrainian New Year! Our human's stomach is rumbling just reading Nellie's comment. LOL.

    And concats on your award!

  3. Concatulations on your award, and happy Ukranian New Year to you, Cloonski!

  4. Happy Ukrainian New Year to you Cloonski! (heehee) We love it. And we think Nellie has the right idea! Thank you for thinking of us with the link to J&M. WE bought it! :)

  5. Well let's have a pawty!!! Too, too cute!

  6. Happy Ukrainian New Year! You look so cute in meerkat-marmot mode :-)
    How great Cloonski came to visit you! And congratulations on your awardie!! The potato water must be really really good!
    Great tips for the purrfect year. I hope I will get lots of snuggling up from my boys. Love sure is good for kitty soul and human soul, too :-)

  7. Happy Ukrainian New Year! We have never heard of Potato Water or perogies but the Kubasa sounds like something we would love!

  8. dood...a veree happee healthy ukrainian new yeer two ewe, tiri, yur familee and yur cuzin cloonski who looks enuff like ewe... ta bee ree lated :)~~~~~ if ya can stop bye TT two morrow...ya will appreciates it we think !!

  9. Happy Ukrainian new year. Love today's fashion statement :)

  10. Wow, a Sunshine Award, AND a kubasa??? This is a happy Ukranian New Year, for sure! :)

    Hugs to you, Neytiri and Mom!

  11. *phew* I was sore afraid when I saw you stand up like that.

    Duzhe Dobre 2014

  12. Happy Ukrainian New Year to you. Concats on your award too.

  13. Happy Ukrainian New Year and congratulations on the award. We love your meerkat mode sweet Clooney...so cute! Hugs and nose kisses

  14. We'll drink some potato water to that!! Happy Ukrainian New Year!

  15. Happy New Year adorable Clooney! Me-Ommmmm

  16. That’s a good looking and wise cousin you got there!

  17. oh yeah, Happy New Year to you, Neytiri and all the other Cloons.

  18. Happy Ukranian New Year!!!

  19. Happy New Year but can I have that Sausage :) :) xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. Happy Neytiri Day - love her picture on the Cats of the CB calendar.
    This is such a funny post! Welcome to America, Cloonski Ogorki! You look a lot like your cousin.

  21. THAT is a precious dear bloggie with purrfect photos. I loves it.

    By the way, your Calendar Girl Neytiri is stunning!!!

  22. Happy Ukrainian New Year ! Make sure you don't drink too much potato juice...you want to hold on to as many brain cells as you can! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. OMC, you are so funny Clooney. This post must have put a lot of Sunshine into a lot of lives 'cause it was so cute, funny and cleaver. Your cousin Cloonski is something else. Thanks for the shout out. And please tell Neyteri that she looked catabulous today on the CB calendar. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Cloonski Ogorki you are the dead spit of someone else!!! ;) Happy Ukranian New Year to you too!

    Just wanted to say that I think Neytiri makes a fantabulous calendar girl! :))) xox

  25. Happy Ukrainian New Year, Clooney, and Happy being on the CB Calendar day to Neytiri too! Purrs...

  26. MOWZERS, what culture! What refinement! WHOO knew about potato weater anyways!?!?! (Well our humans did but we digress.)

    Concats on the award! Mommy sez we can't grab the kielbasa because we's kosher and stuff (she's SUUUUCH a party pooper - *sihhhh*)

  27. HAPPY Ukranian New Year and ConCATulations to the sunshine award :)



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