March 31, 2013

Mini-Cloon Monday


Hello there Audience!  When we last left off, Mini-Cloon had gone on a walkabout to deliver a special blend of catnip to some kitty friends and fellow bloggers in the Cat Blogosphere...And here is the little guy just hangin' around on a very special Easter Tree at his destination...
Hmm, here is another hint...there is the Easter Tree in the background and a lovely kitty sitting in front...

And wait a minute!  Now Mini-Cloon is in the paws of theese kitty here and is getting some serious luvvins!

And now he is getting a thorough inspection by theese kitty!  It must be that Eau de Catnip Cologne that Mini-Cloon is wearing that makes him oh-so-irresistible!

Yep, Mini-Cloon and my Human had the pleasure of visiting Critters In The Cottage!  A few of you smartypants did guess correctly in the last post!  That is Mitalee in the first photo, Levon in the second and Malou in the one above.  Mini-Cloon was a very big hit with the kitten babies!  In fact, Malou reportedly gave Levon her first ever whap when he took Mini-Cloon away from her!  The little guy was in high demand.  

Anyhoo, my Human had a wonderful visit with LPMy Human loved all the Critters and was especially smitten with Esme and Malou.  She realized what a special breed the Devon Rex is and left with a real fondness for the breed.  (Uh, I hopes my Human doesn't get any bright ideas about getting me a brofur or sisfur...)

My Human captured the best photos of Mitalee.  She is such a sweet, gracious kitty with a very gentle and loving personality.  Here she is in her favorite box with her special Christmas wrapping papers that she loves.  

The cutest woofies ever were also present of course.  Here is the sweet Isadora:

And the cute Duffy (the Unicorn!):

The woofies were very friendly and my Human got to hold them both and carry them both around. 

My Human also got to meet the foster kitties Tulip and Leo.  She really enjoyed meeting them both.  They are both such sweethearts and she is so happy they found the wonderful home they did with the very kind LP. 

Wait a minute Audience, I have just received a text message from Mini-Cloon...What?...He is telling me that he has decided to permanently move in with the Critters in the Cottage!   Apparently he is getting way more attention over there!  Oy, yoy, yoy!  Theese little guy is high maintenance, I tell ya!  I'z going to have to promise him more luvvins to get him back to Headquarters...In the meantime, pop by the Cottage and see if the B.C. Buddy Herbal Blendz Mx passed the inspection...


  1. How fun! I actually don't know these kitties, but they look like an awesome bunch!

  2. We don't know the Critters in the Cottage but it looks like Mini-Cloon is in very good paws!

  3. Oh how great both Mini-Cloon and your human got to visit your friend! Kitties and woofies there are very cute! I love Duffy's unicorn hair style :-)
    Mini-Cloon looks happy with all the attention there. Sounds like you need new Mini-Cloon. Haha. I should start wearing Eau de Catnip Cologne so I can attract my boys more... :-)

  4. You are so lucky to me able to go and visit the Critters in the Cottage - we are so jealous.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Mommy is elebenty kinds of jealous of mini-Cloon! She would love to meet the gang there. But maybe not being all bitten and stuff...

  6. clloney...looks like mini cloon had one way awesum soooper grate time with de critterz !!!

    hope yur easter wuz fun

    two day, we iz gonna eat sum BURD !!!!


  7. N hey, how bout if we taked a lezzon in spellin again N spells yur name rite :)


  8. I think mini Cloon made some new furfriends!

  9. HAA! We guessed right at pic #2, and without even making Mommy scroll down so we could PEEK!

    *doing victory dance* WOO!

  10. That silly mini-Cloon sure is having fun!

  11. We loved having you here for a visit mini-Cloon... and your Mama too!! You are welcome back any time!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. Mini Cloon and your mom were very lucky to have gotten to visit some of our favorite kitty furiends!

  13. That mini-Cloon is a loon, but loveable with it!! ;)

  14. They're a bunch of cute furriends and the woofies too. =)

  15. I could never have guessed because I don't know them! :)

  16. That is so cool that your Mommy meeted the Critters in the Cottage! Mes can't wait for our Mommy's to meet. My Mommy says she is going to males a flat Nellie...

  17. If Mini-Cloon deserts you, I can send Plush CK aka HHGutt over there to keep you company. Take him, please! Glad your human had a good time.

  18. Me too guessed where mini cloon and your mom was at picture two :)
    The Critters is a nice bunch that me and mom too would love to meet IRL.

  19. Great pictures!!! We love the Critters too :-)

  20. Such a fun time visiting.

    Thanks fur sharing these grrreat photos!


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