March 17, 2013

ST. PADDY'S DAY (just a wee bit late)

(My Human thinks I look like a little Leprechaun in theese photo...nothing like a nose bite in the wee hours of the morn for pay back, huh felines?)
Happy St. Paddy's to all you fine lil' Leprechauns out there!  As you all can see I'm getting my Irish on...My special hat says, "I'm a WEE-BIT Irish"!  I bet the name "Clooney" gives it all away, though... 

First things first, for all you beautiful Ladycats and Ladies out there...I'm giving away "Clooney" kisses this Eve!  A line is starting to form as theese one is a popular event, if I do say so myself...  

There was just a wee bit of a glitch in the par-tay planning today so we are starting our annual St. Paddy's Day party a wee bit late (we are blaming Mercury Retrograde for theese one)...but do not despair Audience, the par-tay will continue through the wee hours of the morn into the next day and help lighten those Monday blues...
Secretary Neytiri and "Ducky" are awaiting all the guests...

There will be plenty of mini-mugs of green you can see, "Ducky" has already been partaking of the stuff!   

Party games will be aplenty...there will be the lucky Irish coin toss, the Irish jig-a-thon, and the ever-so-popular "Spin the Duck":
And please join us in raising a mini-mug of green ale to our beloved Angel Inka (aka "Girlfriend") who would have been 14 today...
Happy St. Paddy's! 
**We will return for Tunnel Tuesday on March 26, 2013**


  1. we completely missed St Paddy's day this year... and mom's Irish!
    But we're on our way to your party! Star dashed out so fast shouting something about getting in line early...

  2. I don't care if it is late - I am totally up for a St. Catrick's Day party! And I am honored to toast in memory of Inka.

  3. Happy St. Paddy's Day !!!!
    Jump up and Join you to play games : )
    And for your beloved angel Inka, I toast with purrs

  4. Yay! Let the celebration continue!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. This is a great pawty! No problem with the lateness, either. Just gives us more time! Have a happy Monday, furriends. xoxo

  6. We'd love to join yo for an extra Paddy Pawty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. ooooohh!! We love any excuse to extend our celebrating!!

  8. We'll be right over for the St Paddy's Day PAWTY and to toast to Angel Inka!

  9. Well that was sure worth waiting for, you both look terrific! Happy St Patrick's Day!

  10. Happy St Paddy's day! Oh Mr. Clooney, do look like a bit like Leprechaun in the photo...hehehe. You are very cute! Woo hoo for Clooney kisses! Can I have some, too? And I wanna spin Ducky! That sure lighten my Monday blues :-) Hiralious photo by the way!
    Happy birthday to your sweet angel Inka.

  11. MOL, with a name like 'O'Houligan' you'd expect we'd have a party too but That Woman is lame. At least yours had all them decorations! Better late than never, right?

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  12. Clooney, we would love to join you in a glass of green ale! You sure look handsome as a little leprechaun in your glitter bow!
    Happy St.Paddy's day to two sweet wee leprechauns! We hope you have the luck of the Irish with you all year long :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Clooney you look sooo handsome that I can't take it!

  14. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and Neytiri. Don't mind if I partake in a little pawtying. *SMOOCHY*

  15. We're sorry we missed the fun, Cloon and Neytiri! We hope you had a great St. Paddy's Day!

  16. Oh you guys had such a fun time.. I didn't even get any corned beef :( Have a wonderful Tuesday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. Dearest Clooney!
    Mes cant believes yous had a St Patrick;'s Pawty and me missed it totally! Mommy is just nopw looking at blogs (since Sunday) and there is over 300 posts me has missed!
    Me thinks me needs a new secretary!
    And me hopes yous had a great pawty!

  18. WE missed it too! We should all get together and flog our humans for not taking us to come visit promptly like they should!!

  19. Happy St Pats Day Clooney and Neytiri!! Better late than ever ;) You're both looking as gorgeous as ever!
    PS. Sorry its been so long in between visits! Busy busy busy!! xo

  20. Me too completely missed St Patrick´s day this year and of course it was my mom-persons fault as usual !

  21. Eye noe this commint haz nothing ta due with this post, but eye wanted ta stop bye N say thanx…. & if eye said thanx a bazillion timez…it wood still knot bee enuff…
    thanx for stoppin by… N leevin condolences messagez for me….. N me mom….eye trooly appreciates this…N me mom doez two…
    sendin de blessings oh St Francis two all…..
    love frum
    sauce of fishbone: 2-6-03 ~~~~ 3-17-13

  22. And a Tip'O'da hat to ya cats!
    Thanks fur visitin us and seems you are looking great in green too!
    Timmy Da Boyz and a Gal

  23. I love par-teys! You're one fine, good lookin' kitty. Hope we can be friends. =)

  24. Thank you for your condolences for our precious boy. The love from everybody is helping us through our sadness.

  25. Cloon you are the handsomest St. Paddy's kitty ever!!!!!

    Hugs to you all remembering Inka today....


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