February 3, 2013


Cloon:  Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our Annual Groundhog Day Report.  Joining me today, on the phone line, is Stan The World's Smallest Sheep to report on the Groundhog Day findings of February 2, 2013.  For those ones not familiar with Stan, his first language is Spanish but he does speak some English as well.  This is his 4th year providing us with his insider's information on Groundhog Day.  Welcome Stan!
Stan: Gracias!  Hola Cloon!
Cloon: The suspense is a little too much for me...Can you let us know what all the famous Groundhogs predicted?
Stan: Si, si Senor!  Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil, Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck and New York’s Staten Island Chuck all did not see their shadows, so they each predict an early spring. However, Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam, Quebec's Fred and Georgia’s General Beauregard Lee did see their shadows and predict more winter.
Cloon: Chuck is a popular name for a Groundhog, isn't it?
Stan: It appears so.
Cloon: Oh but Stan...you forgot one Groundhog from the mix theese year.  What about Balzac Billy from Alberta?  He's the one closest to us...
Stan: Imposter!
Cloon: Watcha talkin' 'bout Willis?
Stan: Well I was surfing the net the night before the Annual Pancake Breakfast that I was planning to attend to witness Balzac Billy in person...when all of a sudden I came across the information that Balzac Billy was never a real Richardson ground squirrel...
Cloon: Say what?
Stan: Balzac Billy is a human in a gopher suit!
Cloon: Say it ain't so...
Stan: So I went to the breakfast and started a protest...before I knew it, the po-lice was headed my way...so I started to eat all the leaves I could find before they took me into custody!
Cloon: And what's happening now?
Stan: Well, I'm calling you from the clink...you're my one phone call!
Cloon: Oy, yoy, yoy!  Ok, I'z going to post your bail pronto!  How much is it?
Stan: One Million Dollars!
Cloon: No problemo, amigo...consider yourself sprung! 


  1. Oh Stan, you are too cute. Joe wants to meet you.
    Glad Cloon got you out of the clink. That was quite a story. We are so hoping for an early Spring. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  2. Oh Stan! We hope you ate enough leaves to last you until Clooney gets you out on bail!

  3. We knew we couldn't trust those groundhogs!!

  4. Glad you were able to "spring" Stan from the clink! That's no way to spend easy Sunday. MOL!

  5. Dood! With that kinda $$ (even if they do look funny) You MUST be the one and only George Clooney!
    Glad you could get Stan outta the "can" man!
    your brother from another mother...

  6. Stan is one lucky guy that have you as a furriend , since you just happen to have a 1 million dollar bill :)

  7. Oh no Stan! So sorry you had to be put in jail! What a day... Glad you called Mr. Clooney. He got one million dollars with no problem. Wow!
    I hope spring will come soon.

  8. Cloon is obviously the one to know when you are in clink! Errr are you sure you are a sheep? mol

  9. Stan, I'm glad Cloon was there to bust you out of the pokey...

  10. Dearest Clooney, Yes me knows that Balzak Billy is a people!!! He and one of my human brothers worked together! When me found out, me was shoucke, but yous knows, he does put on a great show! BTW, Mommy broght home some BC Buddy Herbal Blenz from penticton yesterday. Me is not ffeeling any pain at all today...

  11. Stan, you sure have a great (and influential) friend in Clooney!

  12. OMC that is the CUTEST Sheep I have EVER SEEN!!
    Thank you for the laugh!

  13. Stan is very lucky that you came to his rescue. We hope the police accepted your million dollar note.

  14. Cloon you are a very generous friend to spring Stan for that kind of money!!! YAY for early spring :-)


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