June 5, 2011


Cloon:  Hello there Audience.  I'z got exciting, breaking news for you...I succeeded in signing on some local marmots to a landscaping and excavation contract for Headquarters.  I decided to spice things up in the yard to attract birdies so I went to the experts in theese area...

Joining me in-studio for a rare interview is the head honcho of the operation Varmit the Marmot.  Welcome Varmit!

Varmit:  Testing...1, 2, 3...

Cloon:  Yes, your mic is working and you are now live on the interwebs. 

Varmit:  Hello there.  I was promised Num-Nums...Where are the Num-Nums?

Cloon:  Uh, let's not get ahead of ourselves... I told you I'd give you a big helping of the good stuff after a short interview...Now, can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your expertise in the area of landscaping and excavation.

Varmit:  Well we marmots enjoy whistling, suntanning, and eating grass, leaves, roots and flowers. 

Cloon: Oh, so you've never even tried Num-Nums huh? 

Varmit: No, I can't say we have.  The novelty of it, is what got us to sign the contract with you in the first place...

Cloon:  So, my goal of this project is to make the grounds of Headquarters more birdie-friendly.  And because you folks have some good chompers on ya, I was thinking you may be able to make our yard unique with some of your landscaping efforts...thus attracting more visitors. 

Varmit:  Consider it done.  Any other requests?

Cloon:  Yes.  I'd like a network of secret tunnels dug underneath Headquarters so I can come and go without the attention of the Pawpurrazzi.

Varmit: Ooh, now you're talkin!  We marmots likes our digging, that's for sure!  And we are quite skilled at it, if I do say so myself...How's about you go into that kitchen of yours, dish me up some of those Num-Nums and I'll give my crew a whistle to come on over and give you a bit of an excavation demo? 

Cloon:  Sounds good to me.  (Cloon dishes up some of the good stuff for Varmit and takes a seat on the counter for best viewing the crew and the yard...)

(Cloon watches the Marmot crew in action ...digging to high heaven..or China...)

Cloon, looks on in disbelief as the Marmot crew "goes to town"... And he can't help but have a few second thoughts about theese excavation project...



  1. uh oh, maybe they're not part of the "yard crashers" crew?

  2. :::hehehehe:::
    The Meezer had a funny comment!
    Uh oh Cloon we hope this didn't go astray!


  3. Wow! The guy who mows our lawn uses a lawnmower. :)

  4. Holy Cod! What if they undermine the entire house!?!

  5. Mario's mom here - we don't have marmots here, but we were in Alaska 2 weeks ago and had fun watching couple along the road side. We wondered what they were - you have now answered the question. Doesn't sound like anything a kitty should tangle with tho. (Mario here) Let me at 'em -= I'll chase them away for you ROAR!

  6. Uh-oh Cloon. Have you signed a Dealio with Beelzebub in Marmot disguise? Be afraid!

  7. Never ever trust marmots, Cloon! Call the Ocean 11 gang instead. purrr...meow!

  8. Oh Cloon, the look on your face is priceless!!!

  9. Hi Cloon! Wow we hope those guys don't go too crazy with the tunnels and such - that could cause big problems for your headquarters! We hope it goes well!

  10. Now that's a lot of fun Cloon, I'd like to see some of those in my backyard too!

  11. How cool you got marmot to do landscaping!! But... I hope their work is worth num-nums....
    The expression on your face having 2nd thought is priceless!!

  12. You are an excellent interviewer/snoopervisor, Cloon! I can't wait to see how this all turns out!


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