June 26, 2011

Meow Meow Meme Monday

Hello Audience, we were tagged by Life With Fae and Iggy for the Meow Meow Meme.  So here we go...

1) Where do you like to hang out?

Cloon:  My Secret Research Laboratory of course!  Theese is where I conduct on-going experiments etc.etc...

Neytiri:  In my comfy, blue "Prince" bed.  I love this bed!  (It has the word "Prince" embroidered on it.)

2)  Who is your favorite kitty crush?

Cloon:  Uh, I'm afraid that's classified information.  I have...names of various Ladycats here in my little black book which is kept in my vault when I am not using it...

Neytiri: Well I did ask Slash from 5-Cat Style & The Flyer to be my Valentine back in February but I am still a young, single Ladycat...however, we will share with you our "Household Crush" (me, Cloon & our Human), it's on Tiny Johnson from Katnip Lounge.  We're sweet on him because he looks Maine Coonish to us and reminds us of our dear friend TIM (who was a Maine Coon and is now in kitty heaven).

3)  What is your favorite scent?

Cloon:  That would be KFC of course!  (Back in the good ol' days when my Human would buy me some, that is!)

Neytiri:  Window whiffies for sure!  I love sniffing the breeze of an open window!

4)  What is your favorite TV show?

Neytiri:  The Martha Stewart Show.  That is how I learned to bake pies, kitty cookies and meringue mousies!

Cloon:  The Weather Channel.  When I was a kitten I would sit in front of the TV and stare at the weather reports.  I also enjoyed the music they played on it...

5)  What is your favorite movie?

Neytiri:  That would have to be Avatar.  I was named after Neytiri the lead female from the Na'vi Clan.  Uh, but I don't remember any Woofies being in the film Avatar...

Cloon:  Oh theese is Mr. L!  He was studying to be a film-critic-in-training and reviewed the film Avatar for us.  My favorite movie is Oceans 11.

6)  What is the best piece of feline wisdom?

Cloon:  "Felines should always strive for a balanced purr-sonality: 49% Crazy Man (or Woman) and 51% Stuffed Animal."

I'd also like to add a 2nd piece of wisdom..."A can of Num-Nums in the pantry is worth two in the factory."

Neytiri:  My piece of wisdom is: "Mousies should always wipe their feet at the door, it makes for an easier dusting job!"

We are asked to pass the Meme on to 3 others, so we have chosen:

Have a good Monday folks!


  1. You guys are just too funny!!!! Love reading memes, especially when they are from witty kitties.

  2. Heya Cloon & Neytiri,
    You two are such good sports to play the meme. You are wise indeed O Great Cloon: One good num num in the pantry is worth two in the pantry! LOL
    har har har *evil laughs*

    Angelina & Brad

  3. Cool Answers !!! and Whew !!! I feel release about Neytiri's kitty crush : ) you know what I mean, Cloon ?

  4. Oh my gosh - can't believe you are passing this great award on to little ole me. Thanks pal, it's quite an honor. You will be a tough act to follow of course.

  5. Whoa! Head rush! I have to answer those same questions and pass it on? I should be able to get TW to type this up for me. Thanx.

  6. We LOVED your answers! You two are so funny and creative.
    Johnny is all bashful that you all have HIM as your crush...hold onto your socks because Weds he'll be the Ten Things guy!
    Say, can we be 52% Stuffed Animal?

  7. It's always great to find out more about you two -- you're actually even quirkier than I thought at first. But hurray for that because quirky is interesting.

  8. Heya Neytiri, did you see yourself on LOLCats? I knowed it was you cox I recogonized the tunnel! (and your gorgeous face!) Hope you got cred for that!

    I enjoyed learning more about each of you!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. We learned a lot and are drooling for KFC now!

  10. "A can of Num-Nums in the pantry is worth two in the factory." That cracked me up!

  11. Heh heh your answers are so funny!!
    I am a little shocked as you said you have VARIOUS ladycats in your book!! Oh just say how many and who, Mr. Clooney!
    I love your feline wisdom "49% crazy man and 51% stuffed animal." :-)

  12. this was hilarious!!! That darned box of KFC made me hungry lol. Ohhhh how I used to love KFC!!
    These were great!

  13. Haha! We sure enjoyed that, Cloon and Neytiri!!

  14. You kitties are funny! Clooney, that picture of you sideways is sure to win the ladeez. Neytiri, looking adorable as always. Purrs.

  15. awesomely done! your answers and photos are great. :) i especially liked your feline wisdom. ;) if only Fae were more stuff animal-like!

    oh, and you use to be given KFC, Cloon?? WOW! i'm sure you really miss that. :P

  16. funny post. we learned so much about you.

    emma and buster


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