May 4, 2011


 **Narrated by an "Innocent Bystander" who wishes to remain Anonymous**:

When I came upon the "scene", the Cinco De Mayo party had already begun...Cloon was fitted with his Mexican sombrero...looking a bit sombre, I might add...

But then all of a sudden, his ears perked up as a big commotion caught his attention.   It was the arrival of his Guest of Honor, who always likes to make a grand entrance...

"The Baby" (orange doy tog pictured above) fresh in from MORE plastic surgery in Cabo just back from studying Mexican culture and customs, snitched Cloon's sombrero, donned it and posed for a photo op.

Then the Secretary quickly put down her duster and joined the action...thoroughly sniffing the "limon".  Plus someone had to keep an eye on that "Ducky"...

 Hmm, then she moved onto the cerveza...Can't blame a girl, was a tough week in Dusty Bunny Ville.  A little bit of a late bloomer, Cloon finally spotted the string limon and appeared quite "fixated"...

Realizing that she had been left out of the equation, Neytiri demanded her own set of maracas.  Pink ones no less.

She then realized this was her big chance to seize the moment and the spotlight and spice things up...

 She took the party up a notch when she started to shake them...

Then, out of the blue, in an unprecedented move, Cloon (possibly under the influence of cerveza) goes for "Ducky" him a whap! 

Then things REALLY get shameless start to "heat up"...
"The Baby" topples over! (Apparently "two big feets to the wind".)  And Cloon shows the Audience his backside...
as he starts to Samba and "shake his tailfeather"...

And there you have it folks!  Do not try this at home!  Instead, head on over to KC & MISSY'S CINCO DE MAYO CELLYBRASHUN, they're PURR-fessionals over there, you'll be in good paws...


  1. Woohoo! I loooove pawrties! Param param la bamba...param param la bamba....yeeehaaa!!!! purrr....meow!

  2. That looks like some wild celebration - and I don't even see any nip! I get the feeling the cerveza was for the photographer...

  3. Wooo hoooooo what a great pawty. Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Whoohoo - great party. I'm xpecially fascinated with those little pink, blue, orange little things. Have never seen a toy like that before. Looks like fun to play with.

  5. Fabulous party and looking at those pictures you realy know how to party. See you there.. HUgs GJ xx

  6. That is quite the party - we love those maracas!

  7. Great party guys! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  8. Awesome PAWty! You two really know how to do it up! Happy Cinco de Mayo! :)

  9. What a PAWTY!! You guys really do stuff up in fine style! And now you have made our mom starving for fajitas, chips, and queso!

  10. A-HA! Let's me join the pawty and shake my tail with you, Cloon !
    Ole ! Ole ! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  11. What an uninhibited celebration! Hope there are no hangovers tomorrow morning.

  12. aww, we want maracas too! Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Senor Cloon!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  13. You guys are quite the partiers! We'll see you over at KC and Missy's!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

  14. Don't you look grand in you Sombrero. KC's party is a blast. Been there with my pretty girlfriend Missy Blue Eyes. Looks like you have had a great time at your own party here.

    Your Memorial for Remembrance weekend is so nice. We wanted to Thank you very much for stopping by and giving your Sympathies, purrs and prayers for Patches. We do miss her, espcially Mom.


  15. Ha ha ha ha ha! Quisiera ir a tu fiesta! Me gusta mucho la cerveza :-)

  16. YAY happy Cinco do Mayo!
    and guess what? today is also they day that those lovely Canadian soldiers went to the Netherlands, in 1945, this day indeed. They came into Rotterdam and told my mom and her family that the war was over and they were safe now.

    Your party was a smash! Neytiri has been working so hard and it is really great to see her cut loose and bonk without inhibition. She is quite beautiful too... love that grey patch stuff... we might be distant cousins perhaps

    more bonks


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