April 22, 2011


 Hello there Audience.  It's CEO Cloon here with an Earth Day message.  I wanted to share with you the ways I have decided to help the Earth:

1)  I eat my Num-Nums off the same plate every day
2)  I recycle my Num-Nums cans
3)  I play with the same toys over and over...(theese can get quite boring, but I digress...)
4)  I am trying to invent a "green" Clooneymobile that runs off catnip fumes or marmot droppings (more on theese one at a later date...)
5)  I'm planning on painting Headquarters "green" (the Assembly Line Elves will have to do this at night when my Human is sleeping so there are no objections...)
6)  I want to raise awareness for tiger conservation...(Don't you think my CEO outfit looks similar to a Zoo Official or Wildlife Officer?)

So without further delay, I'm going to tell you all a little story about tigers...First of all, are there any tiger fans out there? Can I see a show of paws? Excellent, excellent...all paws in the studio Audience are raised. Well, I have some very exciting news...Last year, my Human went on a Tiger Walk at the Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin's Zoo) where she spent time with this little lady above, a 2-year-old Sumatran tiger named Kaitlyn. 

Kaitlyn was born in Indonesia and some of the Big Cat Handlers from the Australia Zoo went to her and started to care for her when she was just 2 weeks old.  When she was 3 months old, she was brought back to the Australia Zoo along with her brother Bashii and her sister Maneki.  According to her zoo profile, she is the "troublemaker" of the group but my Human said she was very well behaved on the walk. 

The walk took place early in the morning before the Zoo opened. My Human was met by Ben, one of the Zoo Photographers, and taken in a little cart to the tiger enclosures and walking trails at the back of the Zoo. She met up with 3 Big Cat Handlers (Dave, Shane and Kassie) and the beautiful Kaitlyn.  My Human got to spend over half an hour walking with the tiger, holding her tail, patting her back and having some excellent photos taken of the two of them together. She said the tiger was interested in smelling grass and trees, watching birds and lying in mud. One of the Handlers found the tiger the above stump/tree root which occupied her for a bit. 

Since my Human is a cat lover and also has been fascinated by "big cats" all her life, she said this Tiger Walk was one of her dreams come true and one of her most memorable life events. My Human is also a big fan of Steve Irwin and the Irwin family and to be able to spend time with a tiger at his Zoo was also very special. She said that the Handlers were all very nice, professional, loved working with tigers and are very involved in tiger conservation. In fact, the cost of the Tiger Walk went straight back into tiger conservation. 

Now gather around even closer felines...I've got something very sad to tell you all. Tigers are critically endangered and there are fewer than 4000 left in the wild. And for our lovely Sumatran tigers like this little lady, there are fewer than 400 left in the world.  If the tigers aren't helped now, they will face extinction within the next 10 years. So, perhaps more of us felines and our Humans can spread the message about tiger conservation.  More information is available at:  

In closing, I leave you all with:

...for the Earth, the world events, the tigers, the kitties who need purrs for health...and finding loving homes and for the Easter Bunny to bring you plenty of Num-Nums (tip: leaving out fresh lettuce and carrots may increase your chances)...


  1. Fabulous post Cloon!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  2. Clooney, post a link so we can make a donation!

    Our Mommy got to hold a baby tiger many many years ago, and she'll never forget it. The paws! ENORMOUS.

  3. Thank you so much for this post !
    I will tell mom what we can do to help

    Happy Earth Day, Cloon

  4. Oh we like tigers!! We live in the Detroit area and our baseball team is the Tigers!!

    Great Earth Day post, Cloon! Happy Earth Day to you!!

  5. How cool that your mom got to spend time up close with a tiger!

    Where we live, they have something called "Lion Country Safari" where you drive through the "zoo" in your car and watch the animals wander around freely, uncaged. When my Mommeh went, they had just given all the big cats pumpkins and other gourds and they were batting them all around and playing with them!

  6. Beautiful kitty, awesome post!...Happy Easter weekend, sweet friends...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. That's so wonderful Cloon, you are one wise dude!

  8. OH MY CAT - M is drooling over here. She has always wanted to get up close and personal with a big cat - tiger, lion - she not care. She always says she wants one as a pet - but of course she doesn't really mean it cuz they are wild animals and not house pets. What a great adventure for your mom.

  9. We could do nothing but smile and stare at you when we saw your cool outfit...we love it! Loved your post too it is great. Your tiger story was very interesting what fun that walk must have been. We think tigers are beautiful. Great ideas you have to help the earth sweet Cloon. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Cloon I love this sensitive side of you. My Mom and I love Tigers too. We also try to help the earth as much as we can. Thank you for sharing this most important post with all of us. xoxo

  11. Thanks, Cloon, for helping the earth, and spreading the word about tigers!

  12. I can add to the effort of being green by NOT using kitty litter and do my business out in the garden. Yes, I 'tell' my SS when I want to go out and come straight back especially if it is cold or wet.

    Good work with the big kitty! My SS held a baby liger (yes, a cross between lion and tiger and not mispelled) many years ago and she has fond memories of it.

  13. What an excellent Earth post Cloon! My Human is very envious of yours for getting to be up close and personal with that young tiger girl! What an experience!

    I like all your Earth Day observances also. The Human has a jar with some valerian root (mmmmmm, even better than Nip) and she keeps a bunch of my toys in it. Then after they've soaked in that wonderful smell for awhile, she rotates the toys--I think it keeps me from getting too bored!

  14. Cats in uniforms are always listened to!

  15. Your mom got to walk a tiger? Wow!

    Very good choices for greening the earth.

  16. Great messages for Earth Day.
    We did a special post for Earth Day, too, to raise awareness about endangered wild cats.


  17. Hi Mr. Clooney! Great post for Earth Day! Green Clooneymobile sounds good...if you invent that, maybe you can invent cars which run with catnip fumes as well :-)
    I remember seeing the photo of your human's hand on a tiger. Tiger Walk sounds a lo of fun. They are so beautiful and conservation project is very important. Thank you for your wonderful messages!!

  18. Maybe we'll pretend we're tigers on Easter Sunday! Our Mom would love to see a performance.
    Thank you so much for your support during Tristan's time of illness and blindness. We appreciate your care and concern, friends.

  19. Great post! And, let me just say, CEO Cloon is certainly the best-dressed cat I've ever seen! Thanks for participating in WCB.

  20. Wow, Cloon, we always knew you were smart, but never that you cared so much about the environment! Thanks for spreading the word, and for telling us all ab out tigers, too.

  21. Happy Easter, Cloon and efurrybuddy! We hope you are having good days!

  22. Hi Cloon! Wow, what a wonderful post! First off, I love your shirt and definitely agree that your CEO outfit looks similar to a wildlife officer! I'm a big fan of tigers too, and think it's so wonderful and inspiring that your human got to go on a Tiger Walk at the Australian Zoo. I hope we can do more to help them so they don't become extinct. :( Thank you for raising awareness about this very important issue!


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