February 2, 2011


Cloon:  Hello there felines.  Happy Groundhog Day to you all!  I see from the interwebs that some of you are experiencing some very crazy weather and snow today, so please take care to stay warm.  Stay cuddled with your favorite cat toy preferably in a toasty spot.  So, joining me via webcam to give a Groundhog Day report is my little buddy Stan, who happens to be the world's smallest sheep.  For any new Audience members you can read my first interview with Stan The World's Smallest Sheep on a previous post.  Presently, Stan is out in Alberta where he attended the Annual Groundhog Day Breakfast and waited on Balzac Billy's prediction.  So Stan, I can't take the suspense any longer...what happened?

Stan:  Hola Cloon, it was a very interesting morning!  Balzac Billy crawled out of his hole then ran right back in after seeing his shadow. 

Cloon:  Oh, oh.  Theese bodes ill for Western Canada.  We don't likes to hear that we gets six more weeks of winter...So Stan, how was that catered breakfast over there?  How about those pancakes?

Stan:  I'm following a pretty strict diet of leaves right now so I didn't sample the pancakes.  My friends and I (see above photo) hung out eating foliage, drinking water and taking in the festivities.  We thought the musical performance was really enjoyable.

Cloon:  My poor little buddy.  At least if you ate Num-Nums, it would make it more interesting for ya...Now I understand that Ontario's Wiarton Willie, Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam and Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil  predicted just the opposite of Balzac Billy.  They all did not see any shadows and hung around for the festivities and pancakes so that means an early spring out in theese areas.

Stan: Correctamundo Cloon. 

Cloon:  Well thanks so much for the report Stan.  Now take care of yourself little guy.  I'd suggest you put on that little toque "Girlfriend" knitted you a while back, get under a blankie somewhere and relax with a hot toddy.

Stan: Si si amigo!

(Stan heads off to make his hot "beverage" and get cosy...)


  1. Clooney, Sam & I are dying over here. That was the BEST report ever! And that little Stan? OMC, I've never seen anything so adorable. Why, he's SO adorable that I wouldn't even take a nibble. Now you know that's really saying sumthin.
    We love ya, Clooney. You are so great!

  2. Good report pal. Our groundhog in WI did not see his shadow dis morning. YAY

  3. Stan is soooooo cute!!!

    Thankyou for visiting me and leaving purrs, even though we haven't met before. Please come again when I am better and I will show you around my garden (and those of my neighbours. Shh! I am not suppose to go anywhere, but I have my ways).

  4. O. M. G. that is the cutest sheep i have EVER seen! O_O;;

    i don't think Groundhog Day exists in Australia... or at least it doesn't seem to be widely celebrated or even mentioned. i'd completely forgotten it was G-day! thanks for the report!

  5. O Stan... you're TOO CUTE! We just wanna take you home wif us.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  6. Aw, not more winter for you. Stan sure is a cute little sheep.

    We did get the award you gave us posted the other day, Cloon. :)

  7. We love your tiny sheep! The groundhog here didn't see his shadow, so we get an early spring!

  8. Dear Cloon,

    You have us rolling on the floor with your fantastic humour. As for ground hog day, well it is only a crap shoot.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  9. What a great report. Fiona is giving away a t-shirt with some rhinestine bling on it, You would look so handsome in it. Makse sure and stop by to leave a comment to win one. Have a great weekend.

  10. Clooney, you do such a public service for us all. Thank you. "The Boys" and I didn't know about Stan--who is mighty cute.

    We do have issues with Ground Hog day, though, so maybe we'll take your predictions instead.

    Thanks for coming by Kittens 'n Things.

  11. I would love for Stan the sheepie to come to my house for a visit. Oh what fun we would have


  12. Wow! Stan the sheep is soooo cute!! We enjoyed the report :-)


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