February 18, 2011

The 2010 Annual PURR-FUR-MANCE Review

Hello there Audience.  Let's get "The 2010 Annual PURR-FUR-MANCE Review" underway, shall we?  Our Human will be reviewed by me Clooney, Neytiri, Pierre Du Port (one of my Assistants at Headquarters who happens to be a dog toy wearing the red hoodie) and "Ducky" (Neytiri's best friend, the little yellow duck).

We all played rock-paper-scissors to determine the order of who would be speaking.  It shall proceed theese way: "Ducky", Pierre Du Port, Neytiri and then me Clooney.

"Ducky":  Quack, quack, quack... (just messin' with ya!) Ok, now I'm ready.  I give our Human a 4 PAWS rating (of course I have to borrow Neytiri's paws because I don't really have paws...).  I base this decision on the fact that The Human is always concerned about my whereabouts and panics when she can't find me.  So she is always looking out for me and pulling me out from under things and I really appreciate that.  Of course she does include me in the blog also which is the whole purpose of this review.  I get to do interesting things like bake pies in the easy-bake oven, run the fax machine, dust and I did get to announce the blogs that received The Stylish Blogger Award. 

Pierre Du Port:  Bonjour Mes Amis! For those of you who don't know my story, I was rescued from the Canal in Montreal and then came to live with Cloon at Headquarters.  I was Acting Secretary after "Girlfriend" had gone to kitty heaven and before Neytiri came to live at Headquarters.  So I got to do many interesting things in the past year.  But THE most interesting by far was when I went with The Human on a backpacking trip to Australia.  I saw kangaroos, met woofies from Down Under, hung out at Bondi Beach as a lifeguard and had a walk-on role in a Cowboy & Western movie in the Australian Outback.  So I give The Human a 2 BIG FEET (because I only have 2 big feet and no paws) rating which would be the equivalent to 4 PAWS.

Neytiri: Hello there Audience!  I really love my Human and purr most of the time when I see her so I will have to give her a high rating...In my short time at Headquarters I have purr-ticipated in many interesting things and stories.  Now, I do not like to have my picture taken so I am known to make things difficult in this department but I AM getting more blog time with some good photos my Human happens to get like for Wordless Wednesdays.  My one tiny complaint is that the things that appear magically in the "tunnel" tend to be for Clooney and I would like to share more in the magic department.  However, I still give my Human a 4 HAIRY PAWS rating.

Cloon:  Well hello there folks.  Ok, now theese is a very interesting review because mainly I writes the stories on theese blog and then I just dictates them to my Human so she can types them up.  So, essentially I'z reviewing myself... So, essentially I has to gives myself a 4 PAWS rating because I'z the Cloon.  Now let me just talk about some room for improvement...My Human did leave me to go to Australia last year and I WAS sad.  Now I did stay at "Squirrel Sanctuary" with my Grandma and I did have lots of action in the squirrel and birdie department so theese was excellent.  However the quantity of our blog posts did go down because my Human was not around to type up my stories...Another thing is we tend to miss alot of the chat rooms and fun events with dj's and niptinis etc.  My Human seems to miss the day of theese events so she needs to be more organized in theese department so I can go visiting and attend theese paw-pawties.

Well there you have it folks, looks like we has a PURR-FECT rating...

(Cloon to his Human, "OK, now where are theese NUM-NUMS I was promised for giving you a good review?"...)


  1. Heya Cloon,
    Looks like Mum gets 4-paws all round, eh? purrr....meow!

  2. 4 Paws from all of you !!!
    Your mom will dance with happiness right now : )

  3. Not bad scores all round. Which is better than what I gave my human.

    Did she enjoy my country?

  4. Wow, your mum got a really good review!

  5. Oh good, we sure like to hear good reviews. Sounds like you all like that Mom a lot. How nice of you to give her a high mark. Hope all of you have a fun weekend.

  6. Great job on the performance review pals, and congratulations to the staff for earning it. Job well done.

  7. Hooray for your human, that is an excellent review fur sure!

  8. Hurrah for your Mom at doing SUCH a good job! We enjoyed hearing from all four of you...it's good to know everybody's opinions.
    Um, we'd like some magic stuff out of the tunnel, too...

  9. Good review!! We love your blog and think your mommy does a great job assisting you all with it. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Clooney, you make us laugh...so your mom must be doing something right! 4 paws from us all!!

  11. Aha, we knew it! You were bribed, Cloon. And probably the rest of you. However, the only reason we didn't accept a bribe for our review is because Jan didn't offer one.

  12. As you can tell, we are always a month behind in visiting and commenting cuz it takes us a month to go from A-Z on our blogroll! This is only because Teri has to earn green papers and is gone from dawn to dusk (one of our favorite movies with Clooney in it, hahameow).

    We will have to say, your Review was the highest scoring of any we have read so far! I see you are hoping the way to the Num-Nums is via 4 Paws and not Swats!


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