January 21, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day To Me!!!

Hello there Audience!  Welcome to the 4th Anniversary of my Gotcha Day!  I came to live at Headquarters with my Human on January 21, 2007.  Neytiri and "Ducky" surprised me today with a sign and a gift of Num-Nums to celebrate theese special event.  Theese is the first time I'z ever told my rescue story on my blog.  So here goes:

My Human spied me on the interwebs and it was "love at first sight".  Theese is the picture she saw and the only picture taken of me when I was younger.  I was about 6 months in the photo: 

She adopted me from a rescue organization called Happy Cat Sanctuary.  My sister and I had been found living outside when we were 2 months old and some kind person took us to a vet clinic and then the rescue organization was called.  From there I spent 4 months being fostered at different homes until my Human travelled over 6 hours to come get me.  I had been living under the alias of "Bingo" for 6 months, trying to shake the paparazzi or the paw-purr-azzi, whichever you prefer.  Of course it was soon to be revealed that my true identity was George Clooney.  (I mean, come on eh...Bingo?)  On the car ride home, I cried in my carrier (I know, I know...I admits it even though I gots a "Mancat" reputation to protect) until my Human took me out and held me on her lap.  Then I purred the whole way and gave her "goo-goo" eyes.  When I reached Headquarters, I walked in like it was my home all along.  I was very comfortable.  I didn't hide and I wasn't scared.  "Girlfriend" (Inka) who lived there before me, observed me from a distance for 1 week (there was no hissing or fighting).  When my Human left during the day, she kept us separate and then after the first week, she went out for a few hours leaving us alone together.  When she came back we were friends.  ("Girlfriend" ended up being my best friend till she passed away in October 2009.)  So there you have it folks...my Gotcha Day story.  Now onto the day's festivities...Here is me today in my "Argyle" which I only wear for special occasions:

And today I have a special guest in attendance.  It is Mr. L, my associate from Von Ice Enterprises.  He is here to play the djembe and help me celebrate my Gotcha Day:

Cloon:  Welcome Mr. L!

Mr. L: Thank you.  Thank you very much.

Cloon:  I see you'z been keeping up with your Elvis Impersonations.  Excellent!  Now I must admit, you had me pacing the floor, when you commented and mentioned "new blog design" and "security" in the same sentence...Enlighten us, will ya?

Mr. L:  I was just messin' with ya, man!  Consider it payback for all those prank calls to me, asking if my "refrigerator is running".  I mean, my feelings were a bit hurt that I wasn't consulted on the new design... because of my background in Mockumentary Filmmaking, I may have been able to make a suggestion or two...Just make sure you still keep me on as the main contact to secure the premises, search for squirrels or spycats etc. I need to keep my "security" portfolio up in these hard economic times...

Cloon:  Will do Mr. L, will do.  And now without further ado...Mr. L and his djembe...1, 2...1, 2, 3, 4...


  1. Now this is special! I mean really, really special... me 'n' Clooney share a "gotcha" day...
    there oughta be an award for that! Of course, I noticed that with you being a celebrity, you have a much more interesting story to tell than I do, yours is worthy of a movie of the week.
    Hugs 'n' purrs,

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Cloon. Have a great one.

  3. awww, what a nice gotcha story. :) happy gotcha day, Cloon!

  4. Bingo? Absolutely not!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Clooney! We wish you a long and happy life in your wonderful forever home!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Clooney - and lots of goodies to nom of course.

  6. We heard about your Gotcha Day on the CB be and wanted to wish you a very special HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!! Hoping you get more spoiled than you already are!!!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew

  7. Happy Gotcha Day! This is such a special day indeed. I am so glad that you have a wonderful furever home!!!

  8. Happy, happy, happy Gotcha Day, Cloon!!!!!!!
    We are so pleased you found such a wonderful loving home.


  9. Hey Cloon,
    How come you never tell me this story when we were in that Ocean 11 thingy?

    Ever curious,

  10. Happy gotcha day, Cloon. We were so happy to read your story! Your humans are lucky, indeed, to have such a handsome mancat!
    Have a great day, Brother.

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Clooney! What a pawesome surprise you got, and you look quite fetching in your "Argyle!"

  12. Happy Gottcha Day pal. It's easy to see how your Mom fell in love with you - one very handsome kitty then and now.

  13. Can you imagine... we left our comment on the wrong post? We got to reading all of the fascinating posts and then went to comment on your Gotcha Day. Came back and didn't see it here.
    -------- Now it is here ---------
    What a wondrous story. We are so glad you shared that. Happy Gotcha Day.
    Love & Purrs,
    Missy Blue Eyes
    Faith Boomerang
    Brutus Junior
    Mom ML

  14. Happy Gotcha Day, Clooney!! That's a great gotcha story...and your human musta really wanted you to drive 6 hours to get you!!

    We hope you have a great day!!


  15. Great story - and a Happy Gotcha Day to you!

  16. Concats, Cloon! What a great gotcha story, too. I enjoyed it along with meeting Mr. L and his djembe. My human makes goo-goo eyes at me like your mom does and it's so embarrassing!

    Have a great rest of the day and a super weekend, my furriend!


  17. Happy Gotcha day, Cloon. What a neat story. We love the new look of your blog.

  18. Happy Gotcha Day, Cloon! You are one cool dude, for sure -- even when you were little. You just went with the flow and efurrything turned out fine for you.

    You look exceedingly handsome in that gray argyle vest, by the way -- very becoming with your furs.

  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Clooney !!!!
    I wish you have a very best day


    PS : I just know you were a rescued cat. We have a a special page in our blog call " We Support Rescued Breed " and I will link your blog in this page and hope you don't mind : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy: We Support Rescued Breed


    It was so interesting to read the story of how you were adopted! I just loved it!

    cody was also adopted in 2007....and our doggie too! (well the doggie was bought...sorry!!)

    Did you know that George Clooney is recovering from malaria? I heard that this morning and I was stunned!

  21. Oh...It's Clooney Day! Should be a National Holiday!


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