January 14, 2011

Femme Friday - Neytiri Gets Hatted!


Hello there Audience!  We'z so excited today...Secretary Neytiri was hatted today by Sammy and Andy's Mama over at their blog Sammy and Andy's Place.  She loves her hat and can't believe it ended up being pink, because that is her favorite color!  She's been wearing her hat all around Headquarters today doing her dust bunny busting (aka dusting).  Rumour has it that Miss Trovsky of the Pink Nose Society is quite enamoured with Neytiri's hat and asked to borrow it  to wear for the special upcoming Fundraiser for the Pink Nose Society.  Neytiri is the agreeable sort and believes in sharing so she said "No problemo!"  Purrs of thanks to that "Mad Hatter" of Sammy and Andy's!

And speaking of  Mad "Catter"...check theese out:

See ya there!


  1. We saw Neytiri over at Sammy and Andy's this morning...she looks just beautiful!

  2. Hey Cloon, never know you have a beautiful sister !
    Do you want another brother ? ...hee...hee..hee

  3. She looks fabulous! We saw her on Sammy and Andy's blog too!

  4. That hat and it's colours complement Neytiri's beauty PURRfectly! What a gorgeous picture of her! She always looks feminine, but this puts her over the top!

    By the way, Cloon's on the LOLSpot again.

  5. Neytiri looks absolutely beautiful! She looks a bit mysterious too!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  6. My My Neytiri, you sure look gorgeous in your pink hat. That is a wonderful color on you. Hope you have a super day.

  7. Sweet Neytiri, you look absolutely stunning!

  8. Hello came to say Hi and thanks for visiting me. The hat is beautiful. I love your header. See you again soon.. Hugs GJ x

  9. Oh Neytiri, you are so beautiful with that hat on!! Pink color just matches your fur. Mr. Clooney, now your secretary has such a beautiful hat and looks so glamorous, she may be thinking "who is the boss now...." Heh heh.
    I love your new header!


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