December 6, 2010



(Cloon is SO excited that he is doing a moonwalk around Headquarters)

Hello there Audience. Now theese one is a GOOD one! I goes to my "tunnel" and I can't believe my eyes...There's a whole case of my favorite Num-Nums waiting there for me! Isn't theese spectacular, felines? A long time ago, I did a tutorial on Num-Nums called Num-Nums 101. Here is some key points from my tutorial:

Num-Nums is soft food that smells good and is used to supplement the feline diet of dry crunchies. Sometimes it is given in the morning and at night or just once in the day as a treat. It can come pate style like my favorite one or in chunks with gravy in it. Most felines get quite excited about their Num-Nums and wait in anticipation of the special feeding times. Some do silent meows. Some even get quite crazy. I'm one of theese crazy ones. I run around like a madman in the wee hours of the morn at any hint of tossing and turning from my Human. I've been known to adjust pictures on the wall, knock any apparatus available off shelves or night tables, tug hair from the roots and, of course as a last resort, bite noses just to be given the special stuff. I always need to ensure I have a steady supply of Num-Nums so I takes a regular inventory of the stock in the cupboard. (For a small fee, I can teach any interested felines out there my stock-taking method and system.) I do odd jobs for extra Num-Num money and I own the toilets at Headquarters so any Human must deposit a toon to use the premises. However, in theese hard economic times, I'z raised my prices to a "cloon" which is $3 (a loon & a toon). Uh, sorry about that...

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".


  1. Clooney, I wish I had a magical tunnel! We alternate between our raw food about 5 days a week and canned food about 2 days a week. Our favorite so far is Weruva Mack 'n Jack. Yummy!

  2. You have a tunnel-how fun is that! Wish we had one. You are one very lucky cat.

  3. Wow, our tunnel doesn't have num nums!

    Okay, our stinky goodness is kept in the cupboard and we mostly get that, not dry, as we boys are at high risk for urinary tract crystals and Annie doesn't drink water, so kibble dehydrates her too much.

    Still, we love this tunnel that somehow produces cans of stinky goodness! Our mom would like that too -- then she wouldn't have to trek out and buy it every week or two!

  4. Hmmmm if my Mom had put food in my tunnel maybe I would have gone into it and my Mom would have kept it! MOL!

  5. Can we play in your magic tunnel. Maybe it will work for us!

  6. Wow that is an awesome thing to find in your tunnel today Clooney! We think those are the same kind of num-nums we like. We are like you - we prefer the pate kind - but mom is trying to get us to eat the chunky kind. We are not sure about that!

  7. oooo, I love my nom noms too. Get dem twice a day, alhtough I also like my dry kibble very much. Love your tunnel.


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