March 16, 2010


Cloon: Joining me via skype is "TIM" on location at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Hello TIM, what is going on?

TIM: I'm just relaxing after a full day at the reef watching fish.

Cloon: Did you get to see some good ones?

TIM: Definitely, most definitely!

Cloon: Do you still prefer birds or are you converted to fish now?

TIM: Well I must admit I was very impressed with the spectacular colors and variety of shapes and sizes. It was very entertaining...But no, I still am a bird fan.

Cloon: Did you have a chance to promote the "Pink Nose Society" so far in Australia?

TIM: Yes I most certainly did. I was able to get some contributions to my birdwatching fund.

Cloon: Now who are the creatures beside you?

TIM: They'z a couple of mates I met out on the reef. They came back to land with me for a brewski and to discuss hockey. It turns out they're big fans.

Cloon: Fans of beer or hockey?

TIM: Uh that would be hockey Cloon.

Cloon: Do you think you can bring them back to Canada with you for my zoo?

TIM: Not sure about that mate...they'z pretty happy out on the reef, it's a pretty good quality of life.

Cloon: You could tell them you'll take them to an Oilers game...

TIM: Yep, that might work. I'll get back to ya on that one...

Cloon: Excellent...keep us posted, will ya? Over and out.

TIM: Over and out.

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