November 15, 2009

Well hello there Audience. I'z been in my secret research laboratory day and night analyzing the above specimens (see photo). It came to my attention, during "Girlfriend's" illness, that a very important piece of information had been withheld from me by my Human. Apparently, there was an "original" Num-Nums that I had never been exposed to nor fed. Theese one is called "Fancy Feast Sliced Turkey Feast". It came out of the woodwork when my Human was trying to get "Girlfriend" to eat a little something and apparently it's a favorite of many felines worldwide. In fact, most will eat theese one when they refuse to eat anything else. Of course, I took an immediate liking to it and tried to eat all of "Girlfriend's" portions as well. I even boycotted my original Num-Nums when theese new one disappeared from Headquarters after "Girlfriend" went to kitty heaven. That's heard me correctly folks. Imagine boycotting me own Num-Nums that I love so much. So, an interesting phenomenon took place recently when my Human returned with a couple cans of the "stuff". I tooks it into my research laboratory and instantly began performing a scientific analysis of it, comparing it to my normal (healthy) Num-Nums. I'z been charting the statistical results, graphing them and applying algorithms and I'z come up with some very significant classified information. I'z going to be holding a press conference at the end of this week and revealing to the world my secret findings.

In the meantime, gather around felines...this is very important...I will be holding a week-long blind taste test and Num-Num's taste challenge this week at Headquarters. Felines can contact Pierre Du Port (Acting Secretary of Clooney Credit Canada) and TIM (Pink Nose Society Secretary & Acting President) to book a time slot for this challenge at Headquarters. Now felines, come on out and participate...theese one is a very important will be part of making history...In closing, I say:

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