April 26, 2009


Hello, hello, hello everyone! How's everyone doing out there? I apologize to my loyal blog followers for being away from the blog this past week. I was indisposed. Actually, I was away from Headquarters, competing in a Barista Competition. How many members of the Audience partake in daily coffee or espresso? Can I have a show of shaky paws? Excellent, a good number I see. We loves our coffee here at Clooney Credit Canada. "Girlfriend" will be coming around after our interview today with her little coffee cart serving you my award winning brew.  So, I fly out to Newfoundland this week to compete in a very special coffee-making event. Theese one is very prestigious! "The Baby" accompanied me after his last Elvis rehearsal as I needed him as an assistant. We both was very excited to be part of this event! The Barista Championship judged competitors on 3 major areas: 1) Speed 2) Flair and 3) Taste and Quality of the Espresso. Okay, in the 1st category of Speed, I admits I wasn't the fastest barista present. I gots a 2 out of 3. However, in the 2nd category of Flair, "The Baby" and I took it paws down! In fact, we broke the record for Flair. I juggled chocolate-dipped biscotti that "Girlfriend" had baked especially for the judges of the event. But most importantly , we danced the Macarena while I poured the shots of espresso. "The Baby" danced on top of the coffee can which contained our "secret recipe" coffee beans (see bottom photo) and I had major paw action goin' on behind the espresso machine. We gots a 3 out of 3 in this category. (Incidentally, "The Baby" was hopped-up on caffeine from too many test shots of espresso and was dancing like Speedy Gonzales yelling "Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!) Now, for the last category of Taste and Quality we ended up getting a 3 out of 3. Can you believe it Audience? Our "secret recipe" coffee beans won for best taste ever, smoothness and very high quality. "The Baby" and I were beside ourselves with excitement and pride! (I guess all that work in the test kitchen of Headquarters paid off. It also helped speed up production on the Assembly Line as the Elves were my loyal test subjects.)
In closing, I'd like to thank the "Pinyon Jay". Theese birdie is responsible for our win in the taste category. Theese one is the most beautifulest birdie I have ever seen. It is bright blue and very cute. It feeds off pinon nuts (our secret ingredient in our coffee) and also helps to spread the seed so the pinion trees keep growing.
Well folks, I'm preparing for a busy week on the blog, so do tune in. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the java as "Girlfriend" makes her way around. Bottoms up!

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