March 12, 2009






The conversation that follows is one that has been intercepted. "Girlfriend" is conducting surveillance of the strike, from Headquarters. What the Audience does not know is that she had wired Cloon's trenchcoat before he left the building yesterday.

Cloon: Ahem, testing, testing...

"Girlfriend": I'm getting a reading Cloon. I'm very concerned, you've been without num-nums for 24 hours, how are you holding up?

Cloon: It's very rough, however I've needed to monitor the elves. It's time to call in some extra paws. I'm dialing Von Ice Enterprises...

("Girlfriend" now eavesdrops on the conversation.)

Cloon: Ah, yes hello. Can you tell me if your refrigerator is running?

Von Ice: Affirmative.

Cloon: Well, why don't you go catch it? Just joshing with you man! It's Cloon. I need your services - private eye and cat police. How much will you charge if we double up?

Von Ice: That will be 2 ham bones and you must go on a quest to find "The Baby" and bring it back to me.

Cloon: Done, done, and done. Now let me brief you about the situation going on outside Headquarters. The assembly line elves are on strike, staging a protest, picketing Headquarters, making a big commotion, spooking Ms. Tortorovsky, demanding more num-nums and stalling the production of the first run of Clooneymobiles. It's pandemonium! What will be your action plan for investigating and policing the situation?

Von Ice: Are there any squirrels in the neighbourhood?

Cloon: For all intents and purposes, no.

Von Ice: That's very unfortunate. However, it will allow my undivided attention on the matter at hand. Therefore, I will patrol the perimeter of the strike, take some footage, and finally sniff the elves if there's lots of activity going on.

Cloon: I'm sending my driver for you. Let's get this underway.

Von Ice: (Puts the "Mission Impossible Theme" performed by Alvin and the Chipmunks on the record player, packs his equipment, and waits for his lift.)


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