March 9, 2009


It was a very busy day at Headquarters as I ran back to back tours for Telecommunications employees. There is quite a bit of mystique surrounding Clooney Credit Canada, so I decided to capitalize on it and charge for tours through Headquarters. This is a very lucrative move for topping up the num-num fund. Especially if those on tour use "the premises". (Just to refresh your memory Audience, I charge a toon each time a Human uses the "loo".) So, I thinks to myself, I'll make sure "Girlfriend" serves our guests lots of "special" punch. I'm sure our guests were expecting to see the Assembly Line, have a photo op with an Elf, perhaps even catch a secret glimpse of the Clooneymobile. However, I had something more personal in mind. I circulated the guests through a number of "stations" if you will. I shall use the above photo to give you a visual representation of the tour. The first station consisted of "Girlfriend's" lucky cat whiskers (displayed on the fancy pottery). (These long, white whiskers have magical properties and are soon to be displayed at the Smithsonian Institution.) The second station had furballs which I have been collecting. (Guests also were able to cast their vote at the polling station for their favorite furball.) And finally, the third station involved a tour of the lingerie drawer (see "the red one" in photo). I borrowed some glow in the dark orange sticks from the airport to direct the flow of traffic in the hallway and a limited number of guests were allowed in at once to view the contents of the "drawer". After making their way through each station, I signed autographs for the guests and they stood around drinking "punch".

Please contact me by email if your corporation or place of business would like to have a tour. Donate to the num-num fund in the next 48 hours and I will reveal to you which furball in the photo was voted most popular.

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